Fandango’s Provocative Question #112: SO WHAT ABOUT HARRY & MEGHAN?

From Fandango: 

“This week’s provocative question is going to be an easy one…if you watched Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Harry and Meghan the other night.”

Harry & Meghan with Oprah

Garry and I watched it two nights ago and talked about it by pausing it when a point came up. Garry wanted to know if I believed Meghan could be that naïve about the dynamics in Buckingham Palace, forever now known as “The Firm.” What did I think?

I said that it wasn’t an entirely fair question because I’m a born-again researcher and I would never go into that situation without knowing as close to exactly what I was getting into. I’m not Black, merely Jewish, but I know for 100% sure that England’s royal family would not welcome me. Not matter what they “said,” or what I believe “might” be true. They are not anti-Semitic. — exactly. In many ways, they are the original anti-Semites.

I can’t imagine them accepting me. Or anyone who isn’t white and Christian. A Catholic might slip in, if he or she was willing to convert — which is easy since the Church of England is considered a “splinter group” from the original Roman Catholic. But you never know. The royal family doesn’t seem to have grown much. They are emotionally rigid and haven’t learned anything from their spectacular failure with Diana Spencer. Meghan assumed they must have learned something from that experience. She was wrong. I’ve never seen any evidence that Britain’s Royal Family has ever learned anything that was not on their preset “schedule.” As far as I can tell, they have never shown any interest in change, growth, learning or anything that the rest of us think are “normal” signs of adult maturity. The Royals are not normal.

I don’t believe Meghan was quite that naïve, but maybe she was so eager to believe because she so badly wanted it to be true. She apparently doesn’t read which can be a serious impediment when you need to do any kind of research.

Buckingham Palace – the family home

As for the mental games they played and their failure to protect her or even protect Harry? That I believe. They are incredibly stodgy and insanely rich. There is nobody whiter, more Church of England, less emotionally intuitive or willing to try something new or different. Their lives are structured so that from toddlerhood on, they’ve never had to deal with real-life issues that bedevil the rest of we mortals. Even had I loved Harry to the ends of the earth, never would I have imagined this family would accept me, support me, or find me interesting or even mildly entertaining.

So I believe she meant what she said, but I find it very hard to believe she honestly expected anything better than what she got. Sometimes, you need to accept that you aren’t going to win this battle. If she did expect something else, it was because she was living in her own world of make-believe. It looks like they’ve gotten free of it, so hopefully, they’ll stay married. I’d hate to see them trying to divide their property in California.

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  1. The Royals are in a box. They aren’t evil, they’re just trapped. And when you jump into the box and you haven’t been brought up in the box, guess what the likely outcome is going to be?! Harry should have seen that coming, but … love is blind. I hope everybody will be happy. We’ll see.

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  2. I think there’s blame on both sides. Meghan naively thought she could embrace the royal life and would be embraced by the family (and the “firm”). But the stodgy traditions and pomp and circumstances that make the royal family what they are likely made it difficult for them to accept this biracial commoner actress from the U.S. as a bonafide addition to the royal family. It’s sad all around.

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    • The Royal Family are what they are. They wouldn’t accept ANY of us. We aren’t “their kind of people. ” I don’t know how she could have missed this point. It’s not exactly a big mystery. If you are going into a situation like that, you do a little research. Talk to an historian if you can’t get yourself to read a book, but you don’t think you can live on dreams.

      It’s NOT sad all around. The “firm” isn’t upset. They don’t care and will never care.

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  3. I watched the interview… and I believe she was blinded by love. The royals have always been like that… I can remember the backlash that the Queen received when Diana died and she said nothing and stayed in Balmoral. She really did face backlash from the Public. It is an institution and will not change with the times.. I remember the Olympics and the Queen did the piece with Daniel Craig…I was shocked… never have I seen her do anything like that.

    I can remember their wedding and the sniggering that were going on with some Royal Family members. There were Amercian undertones to the wedding and I don’t think they approved of that.

    Personally I think they’ll made it… but only if they stay away and don’t go back to the institution. Harry was deeply affected by the way his mother was treated and her death… and he just did what he knew was right. Took his family away from it.

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  4. I didn’t watch that thing, nor will I do so. More ‘puff’ about people I don’t want to know, and never will have an opportunity to meet (happily for all of us). I found it interesting that you feel you’d be ostracized because you’re Jewish Marilyn…do you truly think the Royal Family of Britain is that narrow minded? You’re as white as anyone I’ve ever seen, and more so than some. I’m a bit shocked (because I’m a naive little bunny) that anyone in this day and age still considers such factors as relevant, but I find most wealthy and uber wealthy people beyond my comprehension. The entitlement, the snobbery, the whole lifestyle is something alien to me. If The Royal Family would snub a Jew, what would they do if someone in their clan married a Mormon? LOL…. it tickles me greatly to think.

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    • I think they are much more narrow-minded than merely anti everything that isn’t one of “those people.” They have always been that way as long as there has been a royal family and that’s more than a thousand years. They are beyond snobbish. The only reason they let their offspring hang out with the riff-raff is because the kids don’t give them the choice — but anyone who is in the line of succession (likely to actually be king or queen) fall into lock step pretty fast. You may not know their history, but boy oh boy, they know all of it, Every bit back to the invasion of the Normans in 1066.

      I intensely dislike them. And we have our own equivalents here. T**** was a perfect, if loud-mouthed example of how they REALLY feel.

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      • I agree, Marilyn. It’s a tradition so long that the royals are practically fossilized in their thinking. As for Harry & Meghan, I think they’ll stay married if they stay away from the rest of the royal family, which is the sad part. I didn’t watch the interview except the snippets on the news, I guess because I really don’t care about the royal family, never have. It was shocking how they treated Diana.


        • I found the royals much more interesting when I was five because that was when Elizabeth had just been crowned and all the dollmakers put out special dolls dressed in “crowning” dresses. I was in love with the dolls. I never cared much for the family, though. I read their history. They have never really been nice people and I can’t imagine anyone marrying into that family and not realizing that they were not going to be accepted by them — much less a lady of color. They would hate me too and I’m merely a Jew. I think they basically dislike most people who aren’t them or their class. Talk about feeling superior — WOW.


          • Yeah, but as we’ve found out ‘in-breeding’ isn’t good for people. Too much pollution in the gene pool even if one casts a wide net. Imagine if the pool is small and stagnant because the koi in it are ‘exclusive’ and snobbish. I’ve heard speculation about who Jack the Ripper actually was. Some postulate that he was a Royal who was mentally unbalanced. If he WERE a Royal, they’d never have been allowed to arrest him even if they knew who he was. And the attitude of the Royals was probably that he was ‘just cleaning up the garbage’. What a mindset. Makes me feel like I need a hot shower to clean off the residue. Ugh.


  5. Well said Marilyn. I agree with you 100% on royal family. As for the marriage, I also hope they stay married.

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  6. As a celebrity in the USA, she may have thought that carried over to the British Royalty, not realizing they had no idea who she was…or cared.Yes, she is naive and needs to bone up on the reality of her situation.Harry doesn’t seem to be of much help.

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