By the lakes and the ocean beaches from Maine to New York. A lot of our water birds — in particular swans and geese — don’t eat a lot of fish. Fishing is mostly left to the gulls, loons, divers, cormorants, fishing eagles (American Eagles and Osprey especially), storks (which we do not have in North America), and some egrets (but not all of them). The other water fowl are mostly plant eaters. They may eat a few small fish along the way, but mostly, they love the roots of water lilies and other plants that grow around our waterways. And, of course, they will happily eat anything we decide to toss them.

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  1. Your pingback went into my spam with about 5 others this week. I had no idea they were there. So sorry I didn’t respond before now. I started the round up and was really light on the participation. Well, now I know why. Weird! Thank you WP! You have a beautiful gallery in your slide show. Great capture on the Great Blue Heron near the waterfall catching the fish! 🙂


    • Those galleries are going to be a thing of the past. I’m sure it hasn’t hit everyone yet, but they killed the classic editor on my site and galleries have gone from being relatively easy to being a serious pain in the neck. A lot of adjustments that were easy are now impossible — or close to impossible. At least the photos have stopped crashing when you try to load them. I suppose I should be grateful.

      This is also probably why you had so many links go into spam. Whenever they do major format changes, something goes very wrong.

      Oh well. I’m trying to be a good sport about it, but not doing very well.

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      • Could be. I haven’t had many uploading problems. I didn’t use the classic too much. I started using the new block editor off the bat. Whatever recent update may have messed things up. 😊


  2. And, they’re singing..My Blue Heron.


  3. Funny that you don’t have storks…. is it too cold or not warm enough early enough for them?


    • No, they just don’t live on this continent. Most birds live one place or another except for those that were imported. Golden Eagles are an exception and sea birds are another exception. We have similar birds. Herons, Cranes, Flamingoes. But Storks winter in Africa and summer in Europe and Asia. They’ve never crossed the Atlantic. It’s a long trip and apparently, they prefer the Continent 😀

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  4. I love your photo of the great blue taking flight.



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