At the gathering of the woodpeckers, a lady Cardinal dropped by. She seemed unfazed by the larger, long beaked birds. She just ate her seeds and ignored the big, rather flashy Hairy Woodpecker — who was, after all, a girl just like her — and the Red-bellied Woodpecker. Red-belly was definitely a boy, but he was far more interested in chomping pieces off the suet.

Hairy Woodpecker. It’s a lady because she doesn’t have that patch of red on her head.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

You can tell she is the child of the orange boy who was king of the Cardinals last season. She has his orange beak and wing color.

And meanwhile, a baby squirrel makes a deck-level entrance

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  1. Peckers ain’t that smart tho.
    They’ve been seen to peck on pipes and stuff.


    • They check everything out to see if maybe there’s a bug in there, but if there are no bugs, they move on. Small birds are NOT smart. Parrots are smart. Crows are smart. Most birds are not bright — but really pretty.


  2. Spring is in the air! Love baby squirrel… We’ve had a red squirrel at our suet feeder for two weeks now. He or she is adorable and only arrives after the Woodies have had their fill. Lovely photos!


  3. You’re killing me softly with your photos! 😉


    • This was a particularly cute bunch of birds and that baby squirrel is growing REALLY fast, probably from all those seeds he is eating from morning to night. I have a lot more pictures. It’s migration time, so the spring and summer birds are gradually showing up.

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  4. And my heart melts with the baby squirrel


  5. These are lovely pictures, Marilyn


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