Share Your World 3-16-2021

There have been a lot of questions about neighbors lately. I wonder if that is because of the pandemic. I know our neighbors supposedly have been “reaching out” to us, but you couldn’t tell that living around here. To start with, on the whole New Englanders aren’t terribly friendly. They do tend to be rather insular and isolated — by choice and tradition. Boston is a lot friendlier than more rural areas like this one or at least the places we lived were very friendly with most of our neighbors.

This area isn’t especially friendly. I’m not really sure why, either. It’s partly tradition and partly something about the hard, rocky area and the hard rocky people who live here.


How well do you know your next-door neighbors?  Do you like them?

We know our “across the street” neighbors in a polite, hello “how are you” sort of way. Not close friends, but pleasant and willing to chat by the mailboxes.

Neighbors in snow

On one side (our left side), we have “Mr. Hostility.” His kids left. His wife left. He talks to no one and no one talks to him. I don’t think that’s a matter of “tradition.” I think he’s just a jerk.

On the other side (right), we’ve got people who grow pot in their backyard and burn trash near the tree-line. Given that we are in a drought right now (despite the rain and snow which hasn’t been enough to soak the woods), everything is tinder dry. There have been brush fires all over the valley. So far, it’s only burned about a dozen acres, but there are more trees than buildings in the valley (about 80% woodland), so you DON’T BURN TRASH BY THE TREES DURING A DROUGHT. It’s moronic.

Also, it stinks.

Do you have a full length mirror? 

Yes. I have to admit that unless we are going somewhere special — something that we haven’t done in so long I can’t even remember what it felt like — I mostly use it to hang my sweatshirts on the two posts that surround it. It’s also getting kind of old and has that “crackly” look mirrors get after 20 years or so.

(For men) Do you shave every day or do you like the ‘stubble’ look, or a beard? 

Garry shaves every day. He says it makes him feel better. My son has a beard and only trims it when nagged. He cut down the big beard today and he looks 10 years younger. I like beards, but they do add years to a man’s appearance.

(For ladies)  How long do you spend putting on make-up in the morning?

I don’t put on makeup almost ever. As a start, I have a really bad case of dry eyes, so wearing make up makes my eyes hurt even more than usual. It’s another one of those “when we’re going out” things. The make up tends to get old while it waits for us to “go out.” and I hate spending money on something I so rarely use.

How many items of clothing are in your bedroom (or closet) and not hung up?

If it is in the closet, it is on a hanger. NOT only is it on a hanger, but all the hanger face the same direction (inward) so I can easily get the hanger out. However, since so much of my clothing is black or dark colored and my closet is overstuffed, things fall and down under the row of clothing, I can’t see anything, even with the light on. I lose clothing IN my closet. I’ve started buying lighter colored clothing because I’m tired of losing all my dark-colored clothing in the dark of the closet. I no longer hang any of my dark pants because I can never find them again.

Open closet

The problem is that I used to work. I have a ton of relatively (by my standards) “nice” clothing that I used to wear to work and I’m the same size I used to be. But one of these days, I have to deal with this. It’s like cleaning out the refrigerator. One of these days. Any day now. Really. I’m planning it for any day now!

Do you have a happy place?

Anywhere along the river and anyplace on my property. I love the river, I love the woods.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

If I didn’t dislike bugs as much as I do, I’d spend more time out there, but I really hate bugs and we have some of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen living in our woods. Wolf spiders don’t only live out west. They also live in New England.

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  1. With neighbours like yours I couldn’t possibly be interested in buying your house, ever…. what bad luck this is.
    I must agree to nearly 100% with your words re make-up and clothes.
    I too find beards make a man look older – I prefer clean faces. Also, you can read a shaved face much better than when halfway hidden by a beard. I have known a number of men who hid quite a lot behind their facial decorations…. ;(
    We have some beautiful old mirrors, small, half-smal…. and a cheap IKEA more or less full length mirror which allows me to decide whether I can ‘really’ wear these shoes with this outfit or not. The old ones are more for decor than use. But they are so beautiful!
    Lovely post – thank you.


  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World Marilyn! Spiders – brrrrr. I’ve never actually seen a wolf spider (save for that photo you shared once) and I have to think if I did? It’d kill me from the shock. Up here (apparently) we get tarantulas, my sibling warned me about their annual migration from the mountains to the flat lands in the autumn, but I’ve never seen even one. I tend to spray a lot of lavender around my window and door frames to discourage what spiders I have seen from coming in. They don’t care for the scent apparently. I’ve always greatly admired people who are organized in their closets, because I’ve never gotten that habit firmly planted. Even losing clothing in the closet (which I do too, but it’s more because I’m a slob) it looks like your clothing is well cared for and neat. It is a puzzle what to do with the ‘professional’ clothing once a person has retired. I’ve given away all but one pair of ‘dress’ pants that I used to wear to work. But I have possibly fifty dresses, skirts and blouses…I, like you, need to get around to cleaning out those clothes, and will *some day*. Yeah. Your photography as always is inspirational and I’m with Judy. That shot of you is lovely! Have a wonderful week!


    • This one had somehow climbed up from the woods to the deck and onto my screen door. At least it wasn’t IN the house. There are a LOT of them all over the continent. Usually, they stay in the woods or in their little “houses” they build in the the ground. They eat other insects and mice, but they will also bite people. Most of the people I know who have been bitten by them really thought they WERE going to die of a heart attack. They are big enough to EAT MICE. Good thing I have a pacemaker!


  3. This is my favorite photo of you..You look so happy and carefree, like a kid. It is a blesing to live near water.



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