It was a day for House Finch or maybe Purple Finch. They were either blurry and very red (raspberry?) House Finches or Purple Finches. Take your pick. I can’t even tell the difference when I see their pictures in the bird books or on screen. It was also a day for our lovely orange-beak lady Cardinal, chirping of Chickadees and some not yet full-grown Goldfinches.

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Scarlet and hungry

Just a chickadee

Purple? House? But surely, a finch

The baby is growing like crazy

It’s getting close to nesting time. Soon there will be many little birds that look like miniatures of their parents. Baby squirrel is growing rapidly and will be full-grown very soon. Today when I went out to fill the flat feeder with black sunflower seeds, the now dozens of Blue Jays put up such a racket, I finally asked them who they thought was providing their daily rations? That shut them up. Well, at least until I finished filling the feeder.

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  1. Such beautiful photos! “Baby” Squirrel sure has filled out! Still so cute though!

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  2. Haha! Intelligent birds.

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