FOTD – March 17 –Easter Lilies in Bloom

Yesterday, the first lily bloomed and this morning, the second one bloomed. These are absolutely gorgeous lilies. I’ve never succeeded in growing them, but at least this time I was able to get them to bloom. They are really huge, too. Maybe I’ll go crazy and try growing them in soil next time. If I can grow orchids, maybe I can grow lilies, too.

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  1. Looks like lilies are taking over your week 😀 Beautiful 😀


    • Well, they are cut, not growing so I have a very limited time to enjoy them. I try to take pictures of them while I can. If I don’t do it quickly and forget, by the time I get to it they are half dead. I’m not going to have more of these after these two are gone. I’m not sure what if anything will come up in the so-called garden this year. Winter was harsh and I was not able to give it the care it usually gets in the fall, so it was buried under ice and dead oak leaves and now, it’s not a garden. It’s just a messy patch of weeds and mud. I might as well enjoy the bouquet and potted plants.


  2. Wow. Those lilies are outrageous.


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