FOTD – March 17 – The orchids are back

A year and a half ago, Garry bought me a pot of bright magenta orchids. It was our anniversary. They bloomed for months. They regrew just in time for my birthday in March and continued to bloom for weeks. Then they went to sleep. They started to regrow a couple of months ago. I want to tie them keep them upright and managed to break two of them. After that, I gave up trying to do anything. I gave them fertilizer, watered them when they got dry. I did see a couple of new shoots, but I didn’t touch them. I figured I’d just break them again. A few days ago, Owen asked me if I’d noticed that the orchids had a tall shoot with a whole lot of buds on it.

First orchid of the year! Surely this means a better year is on the way!

“It does? Where?” The shoot was hiding in the ivy in an adjacent plant. That was just a few days ago and today, I was looking at birds and I realized that one of those buds was blooming and the others look like they are going to open soon. There are three more shoots trying to replace the ones I broke while trying to stake them. I promised it I would never try to interfere with it again. One of the side effects of having arthritic hands is that delicate operations are harder to perform. I’m also a lot clumsier. I trip more easily. I cut myself. I have to sit down to put on clothing or I fall over.

So I sit more, walk less and life goes on. Given one thing and another, I think being alive is a big deal all by itself. If I have to sit to get my legs into the jeans, I think I can survive that. Meanwhile, the orchids are beautiful. This has got to presage a better year to come, right?

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  1. Wonderful orchids. I lost a few of mine during the Winter, but have one that looks promising with a new shoot on a stalk.


    • I thought I had killed them, but apparently they are hardier than I thought. The OLD stalks didn’t come back (which they did last time). It was entirely new stalks and there are a few more, but they are very small and I’m not sure if they will be flowers of leaves. I’m really surprised — after I snapped them off (oh those clumsy hands!) — that they bloomed at all.

      If they look promising, the nice thing about orchids is that they usually come through for you. Once established, they are surprisingly dependable. That’s why i kept telling you to try. Because I wasn’t even trying when they bloomed for me. I figured if I could do it by accident, you could do it too,. The funny thing is that they completely surprised me this time. I didn’t even know I had a shoot with fat buds on it. It was hiding 😀

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  2. Beautiful orchids 😀


    • Thank you. I have another bud that looks like it will open today. I’m still amazed at how well this stalk hid from me. Maybe it was afraid I’d breaK this one, too 😀


  3. Some of mine survived in spite of me and are sending out spikes but only two small flowers so far.


    • They don’t all bloom at once and when they do, the blossoms last a long time. They take quite a while to open from bud to blossom. Usually I get anxious, but I didn’t even realize these were going to bloom. They really did hide in the ivy. I was saved the anxiety and there are a lot of buds on this shoot. I don’t know if any of the other shoots will bloom, but I’m thrilled that even one branch is blooming. It is satisfying, isn’t it? Orchids are really pretty sturdy — unless, like me, you tend to break them off by accident. That was SO demoralizing.


      • I just don’t have the personality for orchids or baking. Too many rules with both.


        • The rule with orchids is “leave them alone”! My mistake was trying to “fix” them. Water when dry and if you have some, get (it’s very cheap) some 2-2-2 fertilizer and when the plant starts to grow, stick a piece into the soil. No measuring — it comes as a stick that you just push into the soil. Otherwise, don’t water it unless it’s dry and that’s pretty much it. It is probably the easiest plant to grow. It either grows or it dies. You don’t have much to do with it. It has its own agenda 😁


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