So this is it. The Classic format is gone. It’s block only. My problem with this is that it does not properly display multiple photographs — and I can’t find the pieces of format for which I’m looking. Menus vanish when I’m in the middle of trying to add information. It is what it is. I guess I’ll see how it goes. Good thing I’ve been using this format often enough to more of less know how it works.

For something along the lines of Cee’s photograph of the week, maybe these might work. Now, if only this will let me add categories and tags without going blank on me or locking up.

Sorry, could not figure out how to make the link work, so here’s the pingback:

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  1. You are a Professional Photographer Marilyn.


  2. Marilyn, looks like you figured out just fine. What a marvelous gallery for this week 😀


    • Thank you, Cee. This is the first time all the pictures loaded. I’m still unhappy with how this format deals with photographs, especially since you can’t easily change sizes or move pictures around in a gallery. AND you have to download the pictures before you insert them or the software can’t read the size of the photograph. I’m hoping — since this is an actual glitch — that they fix it.

      I take lots of street and traffic pictures. and rarely get to use them, so this was fun. I got to find favorites and show them off again 🙂


  3. Great images for this week’s theme. And you’ll get the hang of blocks in the end. I love them!


    • I don’t have a problem (usually) with text but being unable to size, rename, and rearrange photographs in a gallery is a significant limitation. I’ve been using it for a while. Actually, making changes to this format once you write it is a lot harder. What used to be one click is now three or four or is essentially impossible. I notice all the “fancy” features that they originally advertised would come with this format have been moved to a more expensive package. This isn’t the first time they have done this, either. Bait and switch isn’t a great way to run a company.


  4. That’s an interesting building on the corner. I always like these odd shaped ones. Were you able to find the tags and categories. I usually add them from the sidebar. Always hard to explain to someone else without being able to see what they see though. I had a couple of sessions of trying to do that with Naomi either online or on the phone when she was learning WordPress as I had the classic one and she had the later, pre-block one.


    • Boston has a lot of those strange wedge-shaped buildings. Obviously they are old. Most are from the 1800s or early 1900s. Downtown Boston has many more of them. Until Boston started to integrate smaller adjacent towns, there wasn’t a lot of room for buildings, so they designed them to fit on whatever odd-shaped lot they had available. They make interesting photographs — but you have to take them from the car because there’s absolutely nowhere to stand where you won’t get hit by some moving vehicle 🙂


  5. HI Marilyn, these pictures look very nice. Dan Antion from No Facilities blog inserts picture tags for each picture. He will help you if you ask him.


    • I know I can enter picture tags. It’s just that there are SO MANY pictures. Probably more than 150,000 at this point and that doesn’t count the ones that live on an external drive. I do tag all the new ones, but inserting them into the WordPress library is a chore. Also, you can’t move pictures around in a gallery nor can you resize them using point sizes rather than pulling them by their edges . It is unprofessional. And finally, you get set your picture up to a standard. I used to be able to set everything to “center” and “large.” I could easily change them later. Now, it is a lot more difficult. Yes, it gets done, but it take much longer and it has to be done for each and every picture.

      There is no other way to do it but I’m betting if I was willing to pay more money, some of these problems would go away. I don’t have the money so it’s a moot point.

      I might ask anyway on the theory that he night have a workaround. There really ought to be a way to set a standard and not have to adjust each photo each time you use it. I get tired thinking about it.


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