Today was another cold day and right now, for the first time this month, it’s raining. That should at least get rid of the rest of the ice in our yard and maybe put a bit of water in our well. It was not a good day to go outside. Not only is the weather icky, but every possible kind of COVID variant is racing around Worcester County. I’m half vaccinated. I don’t know if the single shot would protect me, but I’m not going to take any chances, not when I’m this close to “the finish line” — if indeed complete vaccination is a finish line.

Yesterday there was one flower on the orchids. Today there were two and I think there will be another tomorrow. There were two squirrels on the feeders but one ran away when he saw me. The other just dug into the seeds. I call him “the curly squirrel” because not only does he have that wonderful curled tail, but he’s all curled around the feeder too.

Not very exciting, but it was a good day. A lot of things happened and I was happy about almost all of them.

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