Vaccinated yet? Fandango’s Provocative Question #113

Before I get into answering your question, I don’t know if it has hit you yet, but the classic version is G-O-N-E. It was there last night and today, when I went to write a post, it had vanished into the mists. To say I’m not thrilled about this doesn’t come close to how I feel about it. I don’t like this format. It is unfriendly to graphics and photographs. Not like anyone gave me a choice.

In the words of Bill Belichick, “It is what it is.”

Have you gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 yet? How do you think your life will change after vaccination?

We aren’t exactly wild party goers, so I was not expecting it to make huge changes to life. I just wanted to lower our anxiety level from “we’re going to die any minute” to “we’ll die in due time.”

We also got our stimulus payments too. As did Owen. He paid off the water tank and I paid the missing mortgage payment. I also put some money aside for the next emergency (the refrigerator is making grouchy, tired old fridge noises) . That’s it. One and done.

For about an eighth of a second, we had a lot of money. Then the first (this month’s) mortgage payment was withdrawn and a few other payments grabbed more money and voila, back to poverty row. Then, I paid the missing mortgage month. Our moment of wealth passed so fast I didn’t have time to grab and nurture it.

Wealth is ephemeral.

So is life.

Now if we would win the lottery and thus acquire a LOT of money — like enough to rebuild the deck and pay off a few more debts — that would have more of an impact. We could like, you know, go somewhere. But hey, at least we are more or less caught up. Which is to say we are poor, but not delinquent.

One needs to be grateful for whatever one gets. Because never for a moment think things can’t get worse. They can ALWAYS get worse and if you say anything about it, it is guaranteed to get worse.

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  1. I got the J&J vaccine courtesy of the City and FEMA. They came to park themselves at the airport Hilton all week to give the vaccine to everyone who works at the airport no matter what capacity. I signed up as soon as I could. To my shock and dismay, a LOT of people did not. At first, you needed an appointment. Today they were practically begging people to come. They had hundreds of doses and no people. They sent out a message to just show up between 11 and 5 PM.
    Worse yet, on our team of 8 people, I am the only one to get the vaccine. I thought the one Trumpster would be the only one and I advised my boss if we go back to the office, I do not want to sit next to him like before. Now I learn it is everyone else. What is wrong with these people? We are suffering a pandemic almost as bad as the Spanish flu and people don’t want the vaccine? I could rant about this for days, and I might just do that! SMH


    • It is pretty baffling, isn’t it? But you know, i have this argument with people who refuse to get the flu vaccine and wind up with pneumonia — regularly. A lot of people are scared of getting shots and a lot of people are convinced they (personally) don’t need them. I KNOW I need them and I’m grateful for the opportunity. But people are weird. Americans are especially weird.

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      • I was very grateful all these people flew in to O’Hare and stayed right there for over a week. I went as soon as I could so now I am 9 days in and waiting our 5 more days to pass.


      • I’m glad you said that! I’ve watched such a lot of stuff from news programs on YouTube recently and I didn’t want to be the one to say “Americans are weird!” Some of you are. Present company excepted of course.


        • I don’t get it. Despite our periodically abominable weather, I’m glad I live in Massachusetts where, on the whole, people are sane, believe in science, and don’t think Jews are aiming lasers at the mainland from some unnamed location in the ocean. I keep looking for a reason for our national craziness, but I have yet to find anything specific.


  2. I have decided that the battle for classic is one I stopped waging a while ago. This block BS is what it is. I’m too damaged to fight. On the other hand, I got all my shots early, lucky me, and I spent 2+ weeks with the angels, who were very happy to have their playmate and 24 hour servant at their beck and call. Hope you are all doing great!!!


    • We’re doing okay. Frankly, if photography weren’t such a big part of my blog, I wouldn’t care. It isn’t better for text, but it’s okay. Unfortunately, it has serious problems for photography including that is simply won’t LOAD anything but a single picture or a small mosaic. All the other formats are dead before arrival.

      Garry got his shots and I’m halfway to finishing mine. It took a lot of effort to get it done, but at least we can stop worrying about catching COVID and dying. We are all going to die, but at least we are taking this particular disease off the table. And it’s raging around here locally.

      How are YOU doing? I pick up your posts sometimes on Twitter and I answer you, but Twitter isn’t really good for conversation.

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      • I’m doing good. The healing process from all THAT was longer and more complex than I could have anticipated, and just when I thought I was good–completely no contact for a year–not having to hear lies and disordered thinking–yesterday a huge box of gifts arrived as if nothing had happened. Sad to see how delusional he is/was. But I’m much better than I was, much less triggered by ptsd. Thanks for asking!!!


        • I knew it was going to take considerable time. You had a lot of issues to unravel. It’s really hard to figure how someone we think we know can go that far off the deep end.

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          • Yup. You called it accurately with everything, starting with his family pretending I didn’t exist. They’re all toxic so it makes sense. I have peace now and that’s worth a billion dollars. I’m really wanting to travel but the pandemic put the brakes on that for a while. Oh well.


            • I think we are getting too old to travel. Also, I always used to get sick when I traveled. It’s the recycled air on the plane. One person sneezes and everyone gets the flu. I’d like to think they’ve learned something about cleanliness during the pandemic, but you never know.

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              • Flying is very clean now, I can vouch for that. Plus I cleaned my own seat and table. Air is cleaner too. I double masked and shield just so I wouldn’t infect my son/family. I haven’t had the flu or a cold for a year. I think I will always mask up on an airplane. It was no big deal. Everyone complied, no issues. Pleasant trip both ways, but it was less than 3hr flight.


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