FOTD – March 20 – Orchid

If I hadn’t been switched to the unexciting yet really annoying “block” format, I’d post more photos, but it has become such a hassle, we’ll make do with one picture — an orchid. It is what I call a “medium macro.” A little longer than a tight macro, but a lot closer than a standard photograph. The cluster of buds on this stalk look as thgouh they will open very soon. I thought today would be the day, but not quite.

Medium macro orchid

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  1. Gorgeous macro, and promise it does get better with the new editor


    • If my photos would actually download, I’d have hope. But mostly, they just roll and roll and never post. It would also be nice if I could download a NEW photograph, title it, center it, and give it a caption at one time rather than in three separate operations. It is very clumsy. The text I can live with and maybe someone will fix it so repetitive activities don’t each have to be entered separately. But photographs? Good lord, what happened to being able to drag pictures in a gallery to where you want them? And who thought putting the caption in the middle of the picture was a good idea?

      It better get better before June rolls around. I’m not feeling like dumping a couple of hundred dollars for this.

      You don’t do a lot of galleries, I guess or you’d have noticed that they don’t actually work. The basic one works, though you can’t move the pictures around. You have to click repeatedly and little arrows to move a picture one frame at a time.

      I’m not a happy blogger right now. Maybe they’ll fix something. That would give me hope.


      • oh Marilyn not good – so sorry you are struggling. The new system is not great when you first start using it

        With regards galleries though – actually I have done lots. I now find them quite easy to use. I don’t use captions in galleries for the issues you have highlighted, but have found that titles work brilliantly in galleries. I agree the arrow thing is annoying but I am now more cautious about thinking ahead of what the best order might be, and if it happens I want to move loads after creating one I will go back into edit and then click and re-click there to change order.


      • me again on the one operation for title, centring and captions – you can do two of those at the same time by using the edit tool in media. I’ll investigate to see if there is a way to sort the centering too as you are right that is annoying!


        • My problem with all the galleries except the basic one is that my pictures won’t load. So far, zero success in getting “stacked” to load (for example). I have a lot of trouble making a picture to show up where I want it. Unless I put it in place during the first draft, everything ends up at the bottom, centered left. Also having to download pictures before using it is a lot more work. I used to be able to open a new folder, pull the picture down, title, caption, and resize it in one go. Now it’s at least three operations. If there is a way of setting pictures to center without having to work so hard at it, that would be nice. Not a solution, but an improvement.

          To use this format, I have to change my writing style to match their format. After a lifetime of professional writing, that is not easily done nor do I think I should have to do it.

          Call me crazy, but as far as I understand it, authoring software is supposed to make writing easier. I have never heard of a format that requires users to write the way the format demands. On the real market for software, NO ONE would buy this. FrameMaker was a bitch, but once you got it, you could do anything from designing a book or set of books, to creating covers, illustrations, and all kinds of indexes across volumes. It was a lot of learning, but the results made it worthwhile.

          This doesn’t give you anything you didn’t have before and your reward is doing twice the work for essentially the same results. This is NOT the way it’s supposed to work.


          • Many of us were saying the same things last year when we switched, and you are so right software should not be this difficult. It is crazy . . .however it really does work better once you get used to it.


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