FOTD – March 26 – Crocuses in the Sunshine

Owen saw the buds this morning on his way to work, but they were still closed. When he got home this evening, they were open. We have flowers! I went all over our property today and even the forsythia isn’t blooming. I’m sure things are considering blooming, but so far — except for these few pictures — nothing is blooming.

So there are a bunch of purples and one, lonely white crocus. Maybe the daffodils are pushing up too! We’ve having someone come in to clean up the grounds, but they don’t start until April first. I can hardly wait to see the ground again. We never finished last year’s cleanup because it snowed too early.

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  1. I have one lone crocus (a light purple one). There are stalks/leaves for tulips and/or daffodils though, so the crocus won’t stand alone for long I’m thinking. Crocus are very hardy flowers and I’ve read they’re one of the first to pop their heads out when Spring is near. Thanks for sharing the beautiful bunch in your yard! I’m glad you got the photo issue sorted out too.


    • I didn’t. I went back to the old style. Unfortunately, WordPress has to do some work on making their photo functionality more functional and less slow and clumsy. Otherwise, It’s just too much like work. They have some good ideas, but they are not well designed for daily use. Once in a while, maybe. But daily? I had a long, complicated day yesterday and by the time I got to posting anything, it was after midnight and all I wanted to do was finish up and go to bed. I still don’t know why they can’t just leave both functions!


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