FOTD – March 28 – Where are the flowers going?

Really, Cee is talking about the shipment of flower for sale at various store presumably on the west coast. I’m sure we have similar place on this coast since transporting them across country seems unrealistic. I was outside today, camera in hand, expecting to take pictures of all our growing flowers — and so many are not growing. All of the Solomon’s Seal is just missing. Normally, it would be either blooming or just about to bloom now, but there aren’t even any green shoots. The forsythia doesn’t even have leaves, much less flowers. It may all burst into bloom soon, but right now, a lot of things that bloom early don’t seem interested in blooming at all. Was the winter that bad?

This is before the big cleanup. We’re on their schedule.

Meanwhile, I decided to not try and transplant the cactus. The blooms are fatter than I thought they were and I think if I try to re-pot them, they will die. So they will stay as they are until they are finished blooming. But I bought them special succulent soil and pots and everything. Spring is coming, but it’s coming very slowly. Strange year in all kinds of ways.

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  1. Still hoping for the return of the bees. Miss those little guys.


  2. Spring is coming very slowly where we are too. But it’s getting here! What lovely crocus! Beautifully photographed.


    • It was slow last year, too, but not as bad as this year. Last year, we were missing flowers, but at least we could see the beginning. Shoots coming up. Lawn’s greening. This year? And while it was a real winter, it wasn’t a terrible winter, so I don’t understand the reason. Maybe the lack of spring rain?

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      • Could be. It’s been awfully cloudy but not the usual downpours. I should look it up in the Old Farmer’s Almanac. They’re close to prophetic about these things.


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