My good friend over the sea was Sue Vincent. She died today of cancer that began (probably) in her lungs and spread out to include everything. She had been sick longer than she knew. In its own way, COVID was the beast that kept her from going to the hospital. She didn’t find out how sick she was when she should have.  By the time she had no choice, it was too late. Too late and too much damage had been done. She fought as long as she was able and had at least had more time than she had been told.

Today she passed into spirit and I am grieving. How much can you miss a woman you loved but never met? Yet we did meet. In words and thought and in our hearts.

Meanwhile, I was getting my second vaccination. Irony, or maybe the echo of irony. I was taking one potential cause of death off my table. Which doesn’t mean I’m not going to die. At some age, so many friends and family are gone, are going, or have a sufficient number of ailments that it’s just a matter of time. That sounds grim. But nonetheless true.

There has been an unacceptable number of things over which to grieve during the past 13 months. For me, the bizarre thing is that not one person I know has caught COVID, yet the list of those who have passed is long and will never grow shorter. Somehow, I seem to be fine. I have no idea how this has happened, that I’m okay and so many others are gone or going.

Life and death are without understandable logic.

If no one minds, I’m going to skip the question today except for two:

How do you define consciousness (self awareness)?

Knowing is. If you don’t know, you aren’t here.

Is it possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness?

Do they know? Then they are conscious. There are some who manage to live an unconscious life and I have my doubts about them. Maybe they are conscious, but then again, maybe they aren’t. Take your best guess.


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  1. Beautiful post. Such sadness felt throughout the blogging community today. Thank you for sharing your kind words about Sue. I have read in the above comments that you are unwell from your jab. Take care and rest up. KL ❤

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    • GARRY: KL, thanks so much for your thoughtful words. Marilyn is resting – as best as possible – but still feels miserable following her 2nd COVID shot. I had the same reaction and totally understand how wretched Marilyn feels right now.

      Marilyn continues to grieve deeply for the passing of her dear friend, Sue Vincent. It’ll probably take time for Marilyn to get through her grief and sadness. She’s lost a close friend and kindred soul in her all too small circle of friends.

      Thanks, again, for reaching out. We are grateful.


  2. No, no one will mind you taking a bit of a break from things right now Marilyn. I didn’t know Sue had passed, I knew that she was very ill, and the time was short. Well dang. Another voice is silenced (at least to our ears) and being a unique voice, that silence will never be broken. I’m so sorry. I remember a blogger I got to know “here” early in my time on WordPress who passed away suddenly and another that I got to know quite well who died from complications of cancer as well. They do leave holes in our hearts, even though we only virtually knew them. Some souls are so big they embrace the world and everyone they meet. Your answers were great and to the point. You rest, because I don’t want to hear of another big heart and soul going south just yet. Take care Marilyn and thanks for Sharing Your World!

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    • GARRY: Melanie, thank you so much. Marilyn HAS to take a break today.

      She is deeply mourning the loss of her good friend, Sue. They had become very close over the years and even closer when Sue shared the inevitable news with Marilyn recently. A good friend removed from Marilyn’s very small circle of friends is HUGE in the emotional toll it takes on her.

      Marilyn is also very MISERABLE — the adverse reaction to the 2nd COVID shot she got yesterday. I had a similar reaction so I know how absolutely crappy your whole body feels. It’s NOT a good day for Marilyn. The messages are truly appreciated. Thank you, again.


      • Thanks Garry. Give her my best! I get my 2nd shot tomorrow and I’m beginning to feel anxious about it. Few people have reported good results, save for feeling safer.

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        • GARRY: Hey, Melanie. I think Marilyn is probably checking comments on her computer as she tries to rest in bed. If not, she’ll catch up with you folks later on. She has had coffee, some toast and has a Pepsi near her to help calm her stomach which is very dicey right now.

          As for YOUR 2nd COVID shot tomorrow, try to avoid high anxiety. Better to plan your day AFTER the shot. Plan on doing NADA and just give yourself lots of TLC. Hopefully, you will skip the adverse reaction. Fingers crossed for you.


  3. It is always a jolt when we lose someone we loved. Sending you healing thoughts.

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    • GARRY: Patricia, thank you! It’s a bad day for Marilyn. She is grieving for the loss of her friend Sue. Marilyn is also going through the adverse reaction to the 2nd COVID shot she received yesterday.
      It’s going to be a miserable day (days) for her.


      • Garry, I am so sorry to hear this. I have lost so many friends in the past two years I understand what that feels like. As for the 2nd shot, it can causes adverse side effects in many people. I was lucky as I had only minor head and stomach aches for a short period of time. I will send Marilyn healing thoughts and vibrations. Grief, unfortunately, has to run its course. How are you doing with the shots?

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        • GARRY: Patricia, thanks so much. Especially for sending Marilyn ‘healing thoughts and vibrations’.

          Thou swell!


    • GARRY: Beth, thanks so much. Marilyn can use the love today. She is grieving for the loss of her friend, Sue. Marilyn also is in heaps of pain and “discomfort”, the adverse reaction to her 2nd COVID shot yesterday. The messages are really appreciated and, hopefully, tonic for Marilyn.

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  4. You’ve said it so well. We met Sue through her words and loved her as a good friend.

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    • GARRY: Sadje, It’s NOT a good day for Marilyn!

      She is deeply mourning the loss of her friend, Sue. I think her grief will last a long time because She and Sue had become very close, especially in recent weeks when Sue shared with Marilyn that she was dying.
      Marilyn is also suffering an adverse reaction to the 2nd COVID shot she received yesterday. I had the same reaction so I can tell you she is feeling really miserable. I know your comments will help. Thank you so much.

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      • I myself was very sad to learn of Sue’s death. But this I think was a release from her painful life, that was now her norm. The reaction to the second dose is expected, though not easy. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Give her my love and hugs.

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