I’m going to pass along this comment from Tish Farrell. First, however, a brief introduction on how to actually get “Open Live Writer.”


NOTE: While this does not work on the Mac, I understand with some fiddling, it almost works. I’m not sure almost is good enough so those of you with Macs may not be able to use this. Sorry.

Open Live Writer is a freeware format which lets you write to any blog, not just WordPress. To get “OPEN LIVE WRITER” just type it into Google and go to their site. I had some trouble installing it, but it turned out I needed a different password — and I had to look up my actual username (I was using my real name). Then I updated my password to something that does not include a dash. Dashes are O-U-T these days, so I now use a different sign. Pick one that vibrates with your soul or something like that. I don’t think they accept emojis. Yet.

The application’s website is:

This is the page you will see if you are in the correct location:

I’m just sending this so when you get there, you know you are in the correct location to download the application. The thing is, even if you’ve gotten “fixed” so that your dashboard sends you to the place where you can choose “block” or “classic,” this is a much more permanent fix because it does not depend on the bizarre decisions of WordPress. The application is what it is and you can use it no matter what WordPress does with their format.

And now, introducing Tish Farrell. The descriptions she give don’t exactly work the same way on my dashboard because while I have two functional dashboards, neither of them is the same as described. I think WordPress has launched half a dozen dashboards and the pieces to their infinite puzzle are different on each, so fiddle around. It won’t matter. how you make it work, as long as “Open Live Writer” works. I ran the test twice and it came out perfectly both times. That was, of course, after I changed my password and rediscovered my user name!


I use a free open source blog writing programme off-line, based on a program that originally came with the standard Microsoft package – Open Live Writer. Your blog’s format linked so when you work off-line the page, without header, otherwise looks much like your live post page.

You can add photos from your files, move them about, add copyright tags, but you can’t make a gallery off-line.

The program allows you to publish direct OR to publish in draft form. I usually do the latter, though it is now a bit more fiddly than before. Click on ‘My Site’, then ‘posts’ in the left menu, then on ‘drafts’ on the top of page strap menu. The draft title comes to the top of the list. Click on the right hand toggle 3dot thingy and it will bring you to the editing page where there is still a ‘classic’ tab option in the top left corner of the page.

If I were making a gallery of photos, this is when I would do it, but have not attempted it under the new dictator regime in case the whole thing falls apart, and I can’t be faffed to sort it out. So for now I’m leaving my photos full-sized interspersed with text, which to my mind constitutes ‘a blog’ as most of us are not trying to create ‘magazine look’ as that would not be a blog but a magazine!

Gad, but these techno-dictators, in all spheres of life now, are driving me bonkers. Despite their techie aptitude they seem possessed only of tunnel vision and thus have a very limited grasp of reality.

As to admin page difference, mine has changed recently. It comes up when I click on ‘My Site’ (top left corner). The side bar has a solid black background, your blog name at top of the list, then underneath ‘Posts’ is four lines down. When you click on that it brings up a white page: ‘Posts’. This has a list of all your posts, most recent at the top.

The menu bar across the top of this page: ‘Published’, ‘Drafts’, ‘Scheduled’, ‘Trash.’ If you’ve used Open Live Writer to publish a draft, click on ‘drafts’ and it should bring it to the top of the list. Head to the far right of your draft title to the toggle dots and select edit, which should get you to the editor page! At the top of the page to edit there should be a tab that lets you choose ‘Classic’. I thought I’d repeat this for everyone’s benefit, including mine. Good luck and all best wishes for feeling better.

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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on an iPhone.


    • No, but I got an email from WordPress saying they just published a whole new version for iPhone. I meant to look at it, but I got into wrestling with my computer and lost track. Here’s the link:

      Okay, the link I got won’t work for you. This is their “mobile” link and supposedly it works on telephones:

      Build your dream site directly from your phone or tablet

      Build a Beautiful Site in the WordPress Mobile App with Predesigned Page Layouts

      The WordPress mobile app gives you the power to manage your WordPress site with ease, and now you can use it to design a new page right from your phone or tablet. The new predesigned page layouts feature lets you build pages and customize them to fit your needs.

      Learn more

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      • I clicked on the link you provided and it says “Available for: Mac OS X 10.9+ · Windows 7+ · Linux (.tar.gz) · Linux (.deb).” It doesn’t say that it’s available for iOS, which is the iPhone operating system. Oh well.


    • I think they are trying to push their new “mobile app.” It didn’t do anything for me, but it isn’t aimed at computers, so more interestingly, my Mac ONLY gets the classic format and won’t run the block format at all. They told me I had to get my computer repaired. I thought that was pretty funny. Apparently they haven’t gotten a lot of complaints from Mac users who are eager to use the block format. I can’t imagine why that might be!


  2. I’ll look into this. I’m managing text OK but noticed yesterday that when I go to add photos the new style media file comes up. I don’t like that one very much because it seems harder to search in. I don’t feel that it is giving me all the options when I put in a search term.


    • For now, I edit as much as I can and upload them all SEPARATELY into the media library — not while in a post. The one good thing they have added — that now works — is a bulk downloader so if you set up four black & white shots, you can download them al at the same time and THAT is an actual improvement. You can now also edit them in the usual way in the media library (they fixed that fix), so after that, you can do whatever you need to do with them. Just don’t caption them if you are putting them in a mosaic because the captions in a mosaic show up in the middle of the the picture, which is stupid, but I bet they will fix it. If they just leave it along and add the bulk downloader, that would be a real improvement and with the Open Live Writer you can put the text together any way you like then add pictures later. It is almost a win-win!

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  3. This is very useful information Marilyn. Thanks for sharing my friend



  1. Sharing from Marilyn of Serendipity; OPEN LIVE WRITER WHILE HANGING ON TO YOUR SANITY – Keep it alive

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