Always look on the bright side of life

Sunrise in January 2021 as the year was turning

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  1. Gorgeous square, and love that you have shared the video – I like to think there is always a bright side even those times when it is almost impossible to see

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  2. Not always an easy thing to do to be sure. We all have our troubles. Sometimes dire. For me, I have found over and over that my Spiritual stuff pulls me through. Otherwise I really don’t think I could have made it through some of the challenges I’ve had. I can’t give that to anybody else however. It’s something we must come to for ourselves. It’s always there, but unless we come the realization that we can’t make it by ourselves, we don’t ask. It’s interesting because in watching The Ten Commandments yesterday (I’m not Christian incidentally) it took a real Dark Night of Soul before Moses was ready. If our knees don’t hit the ground we aren’t ready. Believe me, I’ve been there. in this lifetime it took me 22 years of searching before I refound my path. There’s no faking it. All things must be earned.

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    • We watched 10 Commandments together — then Garry went to bed and left it on Channel 7 where they were showing it again. I found my way a long time ago, but I don’t talk about it unless someone is on a similar path and opens the conversation. Otherwise, it just gets complicated and sometimes, unpleasant. Anyway, I think a lot of this stuff — unless someone is genuinely interested — just makes trouble. I used to have a great rabbi in New York to talk to. I had another one in Israel and a great one here at the church in Uxbridge. They let him go because he was too liberal. Sort of soured me toward the church, though I think they’ve made some forward progress. We keep intending to check out the newest of the many pastors they’ve gone through, but they hold services very early. Garry is NEVER an early riser.

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  3. Things can always get worse.

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