CMMC – April Closeup or Macro

I’ve been getting very cozy with my macro lens, so this couldn’t come at a better time. Of course, I’ve also been doing closeups of flowers and birds using different lenses as well, occasionally doing a close up from a considerable distance using a very long lens. It’s interesting the differences you see depending on which lens you have used.

Orchids – Macro lens
Hydrangea – macro lens again
Closeup of chipmunk with lurking Cowbird using 100-300mm zoom
Closeup through glass using 100-300mm zoom

Overall , the macro shot taken with the actual 60mm macro lens make the most satisfying pictures. But, it’s just a 60mm lens, so it’s useless for taking pictures of the birds and other little critters from any distance. Being a macro lens, it’s fussy about lighting conditions. It can be quite temperamental about where it focuses. It switches between distance (the 35mm equivalent of about 120mm) to very close by itself. There is no switch to press that will make it switch from long view to macro. If it doesn’t feel like it, it won’t do it. Mostly, it works better in areas without bright sunlight. I have no idea why it dislikes very bright light (or maybe it’s the sharp shadows), but it works a whole lot better in the shade.

I’m all ears if someone can tell me why this might be true. Then again, come to think of it, all my lenses work better in shade.

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4 replies

  1. Fantastic close ups for this week. 😀


  2. I have a 40mm macro lens and my photos don’t come out near as sharp as yours. I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong, but I am disappointed more times than I care to consider.


  3. Aw. That chipmunk. How I used to love them. Still would but I haven’t seen one for thirty years or more!


    • I don’t think they live that far south, or at least not this particular kind. You probably have something like it, but maybe it’s too citified — of they are afraid of your dogs? We used to have those BIG chipmunks who chattered at us when we came home from work. Now we have just this little teeny tiny one who comes, steals some seeds, then disappears.


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