Bright day along the Blackstone river and canal

It really was a perfect day. From when I first pulled the windows open and propped the back door and saw that brilliant blue sky, I knew it was going to be a good one. Garry has a new camera to try (new, as in new to him, but previously belonging to a good friend) and I actually can’t remember the last time we were out taking pictures. I think it was probably last October when the leaves changed.

It’s different now because the colors are soft. The maple trees are pink with their version of flowers. Only the daffodils and a few early blooming magnolias are flowering. There are buds everywhere, though. As is usually true, the beginning of May will arrive and suddenly, we will stop having these cold nights and absolutely everything will bloom at the same time. It will be, for about a month, an absolute riot of color.

A man and his camera

I have plans for flower boxes. Maybe pansies and petunias … flowers that will bloom all through the summer and then I’ll bring in some chrysanthemums for the fall. It’s funny to be planning again. For the last year, we didn’t plan. We just “got through” and waited. We are, to some degree, still waiting. We are vaccinated, but much of the world here and there and elsewhere are not vaccinated and COVID hasn’t gone away.

We’re working on it. Working on it pretty hard, too!

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  1. Some plants have battled their way to the surface. Spring is always in a pitched battle with Winter around here. It usually wins, but not without a tussle.

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    • Same here. It’s funny because by latitude, we are no further north than major parts of Oregon, but the winds are different. It’s warm there. It’s bitterly cold here. I can see that spring is planning a break out. The icy jailors are watching and waiting to chill them before they get through the walls, but sooner or later …

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  2. beautiful pics while waiting

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    • Everyone had a camera with them, too. It was a great day for early spring in the valley. We aren’t going to get the flowers until May. That’s just the way it goes in this great northland.

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      • I’m surprised and happy that my pics were okay because I was a bit unsure with the new camera.
        It was truly a lovely day to get outside –and NOT for medical reasons.


  3. oh these are lovely, what a wonderful day out you had together. And Garry he is so focused – is there a verdict yet on the camera?!

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    • Garry doesn’t like having to do things to the camera. I think he wants to be the director and just tell the photographers where to shoot. He kept saying the camera wasn’t working, but it was fine. His pictures are fine.

      The man is really a born-again one lens for everything kind of guy. I suspect he will go back to the little Leica. It’s a great little camera and weighs almost nothing. I loved it too. It was my all-time favorite pocket camera. Great, fast Leica (well, it IS a Leica) lens with decent length and if you put it in iAuto, it actually tells you what to do. Garry really LIKED that. He didn’t have to ask me.

      So I guess it gets mixed reviews. A+ for pictures, but B- for not giving him instructions on the fly. He has a great eye, but total indifference to the technical side of photography.

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    • Becky, I can see Marilyn has already answered for me. But I’ll say this — the new camera obviously is aces. I just have to become familiar with it.

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