FOTD – April 9 –Spring comes to the valley

It was a beautiful day. I opened the window early in the morning and you could feel that it would be warm. It wasn’t warm yet. We are still getting frost at night, though it warms up a lot during the day. Not tomorrow, though. We’ve got a chilly stretch from tomorrow through next week with only a dim possibility of rain.

Spring along the Canal – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Trees budding, photo: Garry Armstrong

Garry had a zoom this morning with his old media colleagues, but when he was done, he suggested we go out and take a few pictures. That had been my idea, but I wasn’t sure he’d be up for it after a couple of hours of collegial reminiscences. You’d think they’d get tired of remembering the old days, but it seems to be a subject with no bottom. Since Garry uses my computer for zooming (it has much better video and sound than his machine), I twiddled my thumbs and read the news for a couple of hours.

Very yellow daffodils

It is indeed spring, though not much is blooming. Right now, there are a few magnolia trees showing flowers, but mostly, nothing is blooming except forsythia and daffodils. The trees are bare, though they have fluffy pink buds that mean spring is coming. Next month?

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  1. It was great to get out, take pics, meet and chat with folks, all on a glorious spring day.


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