Today is the simultaneous anniversary of the day the Titanic sank and the day Fenway Park opened. For many Sox fans, it just figures that two such major catastrophes would occur on the same day.

It took 84 years for the Sox to win a World Series which some attributed to the sinking of the Titanic (there ARE no coincidences) and others attribute to selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees which led the Yankees to become a great team, but turned Ruth into an alcoholic.

Me? I’m from New York, so my tragedy was when they sold the Dodgers to California and I could never abide the Yankees.

Anyway, by the time you read this, the Titanic and the Fenway coincidental catastrophe will have passed and we will all have to wait another year for them to occur again. Meanwhile, let’s go back to our own personal miseries which, while not being international in scope, are enough to bum out the entire family. I just want to say this about that. You’ve got to live somewhere, but I feel like we are in the middle of trying to rebuild this entire house.

We could move, but where? While we could get a decent price for this place, I’m not convinced we could afford anything else we like. No matter how cheap the houses are, we are not moving south. I think Garry and I are the couple least likely to feel moving south is a good idea. Aside from the culture (atrocious), our southern states have even bigger, uglier bugs than we do and that’s saying something. Moreover, even assuming we could survive southern culture and not wind up murdered in a ditch somewhere, I’m pretty sure we’d never survive southern insects. My heart would give out.

And now for The Questions!


What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time?

Buy a big ugly spider. Get her mate free.

Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut?  Do share! 

One day, oh so many years ago, I went in for a trim. I had long hair. I wanted the ends trimmed. Maybe about half an inch. Get rid of the split ends and tidy up the shagginess. Before I finished saying “just trim the ends a little bit,” the “designer” had lopped off half my hair. He didn’t like long hair.

Years of growth, gone. I live in fear of those scissors!

Isn’t Disney Land and Disney World (and all the variants) just a people trap operated by a mouse?

Garry once, while at Disney World commented that “God is a mouse.” Perhaps ALL the world is operated by a mouse. Or a cockroach.

What if Batman got bitten by a vampire?   What would happen? 

The vampire would develop even great super powers and Batman would have to sleep in a casket every night.

What do you want your final words to be if you could choose?

This is IT? Born, live, suffer, die? Shit.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn for Sharing Your World! That’s the ‘secret’ about owning a house that they never tell you. At some point (and usually sooner than later) things will break, the walls will need painting because they’ve become dingy, the windows will need replacing the roof will need redoing and all that crap is EXPENSIVE. It terrifies me and gives me nightmares personally. I’ve been here for eight years this winter and my house is showing signs of age already. It’s not the most carefully built place and getting into assisted living or somewhere that somebody else is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance is looking more and more attractive. I’d get a sizable amount for this house, but after I paid off the mortgage and got myself situated elsewhere, the amount left over would be extremely small. I hear that the ‘good’ senior housing places are spendy too. It’s like a Gordian knot, and your situation of expensive housing if one is looking to rent or buy extends from your coast to California. Utah hasn’t been missed by that wave either, which is why my house is worth so much. Right now anyway. I got off on a tangent again, and sorry for that. All your answers were great, in the spirit of this week’s questions certainly! I hope things look up for you guys! At least it’s Spring. And you can keep the ‘great bargain’ spider idea. Like you, that is the WORST BOGO going… brrrr. Have a nice week Marilyn!


    • From what I keep hearing about “assisted living” is that we can’t afford the nice places and the other places are really BAD. Dismal, underequipped and understaffed.

      Our house is not a wonderfully built place either. It dates from 1974 and wherever they could do the work for a few pennies less, that’s what they did. When we moved in, we replaced the roof, put up siding, build drains to stop the flooding, replaced all the toilets and sinks. Since then, there have been doors and more doors, windows, gutters, boiler, painting (twice and it needs it again but we aren’t doing it). Needs a new deck. Redid the septic system. Replaces damp walls and mold. Installed a drywell and pump and replaced the water pump twice and the water heater three times. We replace two of the three toilets, one left to go. Every time we get a bit of money, it sinks into the house.

      We aren’t poor because we are poor. We are HOUSE poor. Social security doesn’t pay for senior housing OR to repair the house you live in.

      I’ve never lived anywhere long enough to need to redo initial repairs, so who knew? But we have to live SOMEWHERE. Assisted living terrifies me, frankly, so I’d better stay healthy enough to live in my OWN place.


  2. Houses are an endless pit of money, Marilyn. I feel your pain. Our vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost today and we had to buy a new one. Not a cheap exercise.


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