FOTD – April 14 – Blue Hydrangea

Pity about this being “in the pink” day because I did pink yesterday and anyway, my only hydrangeas are blue.  Also, my entire photo-processing set up crashed and burned today. I’m breathing deeply and trying really, really, really hard to not completely panic. Okay, I’m panicking. AAAAAHHH!

Aren’t we all glad I processed some stuff before I tried the upgrade that didn’t do quite what it was supposed to do? I’m glad. But oh my, I am very unhappy. One should follow one’s instincts. I just had a feeling that if I added this upgrade, something very bad was going to happen. Oh how I wish I’d followed  my own advice. Worse, this was a very expensive upgrade.

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  1. Lovely captures indeed 🙂


    • I’m always trying to make things look like a painting. These were sort of like watercolors, but not exactly. I just like mucking around with the software. We need to find a way to have some FUN with this stuff or it’s not worth doing at all.

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  2. Beautiful Marilyn 😀


  3. Oh, these are lovely, Marilyn! Especially the first one – it looks like a watercolor painting! (You’ve been playing with photo software, I see!) Sorry about your computer woes. Mine is due for an update and I’m almost afraid to ask our tech company to do it, because sometimes they leave behind (inadvertently) some maddening glitches!


    • I hate having my computer “updated” or worse, replaced. I hate new computers. Getting them to work the way YOU want them to work is a week of twiddling with controls. And discovering how many application won’t work on the new operating system!


  4. Lovely pictures


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