Bright Lights

I hope I’m not repeating myself! I’m beginning to lose track of what I’ve published and what I haven’t. I have spent all of the past few days trying to get my software to install properly and making pictures in between. I think I’ve finally got it done, but that’s what I thought last night and pieces of it slipped away overnight and I had to redo the entire thing today.

Bright light in mid winter
Red sunset reflected on the Superstition Mountains

If I ever get my computer sorted out, I’ll re-engage. I’m really getting computer-weary. It’s not merely that I get updates that are off the wall, but they are also incompatible with existing software. I install it and other important item uninstall themselves or install themselves in the wrong places and then — because Microsoft’s OS has also changed so that moving things around on ones C drive is really treacherous — and you can’t really see what’s going on — you have to be really careful about moving applications.

Brightest leaves of last Autumn – Photo: Garry Armstrong

So, should I ever emerge from this computer hell I’m in, if I have the strength I’ll explain why something that used to take five minutes has — so far — taken three days.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Marilyn. I especially love goldfinches. Now if you have any of bluebirds, wow! They have almost disappeared here. Your weather sounds like ours. Seventies yesterday, forties today, but still sunshine. As for the computer woes, I’m ready to toss mind out the window and to the concrete 16 floors below. So tempting, but a good thing the window is painted shut. If I ever tossed anything out it would probably hit someone on the head and I would be tried for murder! I’ve lost a lot of stuff in updates also. And so many of my photos have been archived by the system but I can’t find them. Maddening!!!


    • We do have bluebirds and I have several posts that are entirely bluebirds. They have become rare. I put out food that contains meal worms to attract them since, like robins, bluebirds don’t eat seeds — only insects. They are shy, but when they show up, the come in a small flock. Some people think they are a myth!


      We have a lot of Goldfinches, House Finches, and Purple Finches, as well as Cardinals (they are also a finch). We see very few Robins, but they like to eat the insects who invade our lawn every year.

      This year, we have an invasion of brown-headed cowbirds, so we aren’t seeing as many of the other birds because the cowbirds are so pushy. I haven’t figured out how to tell the cowbirds to leave without making all the birds leave. I guess they’ll have to work it out between themselves.


  2. When technology goes wrong, it is usually spectacularly wrong. I hope you come right, Marilyn. Lovely pictures despite it all.


  3. Sending hugs, energy and empathy for your computer woes, and lots of joy, applause and thank yous for your fabulous squares. Wonderful collection – hard to choose a favourite


    • I’m almost afraid to go and check if things are still working. I really don’t feel like a gadget head this morning. It’s cold and rainy. No bird pictures today. I think they all went to their nests to hide from the rain and wind. Yesterday, It was spring. Today, it’s back to late winter. Hard to get used to the weather when it changes every few minutes!

      I’m glad I’m not repeating myself. It’s hard to tell!


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