Bright and lively during a mid-April snowstorm

I totally couldn’t believe it it when I got up in the middle of a day-long snowstorm today. I know — historically — we have had snow as late as June, but not recently. We had a doozy of a blizzard on April 1st in the 1990s. That was in Boston. We also have had snow as early as September and less rarely, in October. This is the latest real snow I’ve seen since I moved here in 1987.

Two days ago
A chilly Chipping Sparrow today

The birds were lively and hungry. And puzzled. They don’t watch weather reports or read the calendar. They just do their best to survive — something that gets harder each year as we cut down forests and woods and build roads, malls, and condos. Fifty billion birds dead over 50 years. Fifty BILLION.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

That’s why I feed them. Maybe I can save a few.

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  1. The colours on that woodpecker are great!


  2. so many of us seem to be having an old fashioned spring with lots of snow and ice – totally thrown me as I have so many seedlings now plants on the window sills. In previous years they’d be outside by now!

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    • We gave up on several items. Growing them under lights is too expensive and the nights have been so cold, EVEN when the days have been warm. The farmers must be going crazy.

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      • as you say horrendous for farmers


      • 50 BILLION birds in 50 years? AMAZING & DE-PRESSING.

        Now, your efforts to keep the birds fed seem so much more important. I gotta remember that.

        50 BILLION?? I’m still struggling to absorb the numbers and what they mean about our earth and folks who are so blaise about the environment and all creatures great and small.

        50 BILLION?? Sweet Jesus!

        As for the weather — It’s New England! We can take it.



  1. Bright Spots – The life of B

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