FOTD – Cee’s Flower of the Day

This Easter Lily has a (literal) back story. Waking up this morning in the middle of a snowstorm was (I admit) a bit jarring. Not that I trust the weather anyway, but my soul is yearning for warm. Please. And I know that I tend to think I actually know what the seasons are, but really, what I know is what the seasons are like. I do not know when or even if they will arrive. New England, even before climate change, has had very erratic (bizarre) weather.

In this picture I tried to capture a bit of the snow out behind the flower. It’s hard to do that when you are shooting in a relatively small room. You need a wide angle lens with a long depth of field, but that’s impossible in this location. Still, I think you can get the idea. Kind of.

The orchids are up just because they are looking as good as they ever will look. One more bud to go, but there’s another shoot coming up in my other orchid plant

I’m told that it will be nice by Sunday. This is good because I have to try making a short movie of Garry because he’s trying out for a part in a movie. He always wanted to be a star, but I never ever wanted to be a video cam photographer. But since all his comrades who would do it are also retired and not exactly young — and he has a 9 am Monday deadline, I’ve got some learning to do before Sunday. Like figure out how to use HD Movie Pro which is the paid version of Microsoft’s Movie Maker. It only cost $14.99 and you get free updates forever, or until they decide to stop supporting it.

Garry thinks I know what I’m doing. Hah! But how hard can it be? I mean, everyone in the world is doing it, right?

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8 replies

  1. You’ve a beautiful orchids photo, Marilyn.


  2. Just remember how hard it was to learn to whistle! Have fun!


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