It’s the 16th of April. Just two days ago, I saw the reappearance of tulips in our garden. I rejoiced at the pink buds on maples. There were even a few yellow flowers on the forsythias. Although the Solomon’s Seal hasn’t come up, it’s not hopeless. Yet. It might grow. Columbine is coming up and so are the day lilies.

Red-bellied Woodpecker (look closely and you’ll see ice on his head)

It certainly felt like spring. The temperature climbed into the mid-70s (23 degrees metric). Shirt sleeve weather. I dared to consider wearing sandals.

One baffled Chipping Sparrow
What’s that cold stuff?

Yesterday and today, rain was forecast. We need rain. The rivers are low and our well is probably low, too. I understood it was going to get colder, but overall, we were heading for spring, right? From all the photographs I get, I can see that spring has arrived in England, Canada, and Switzerland, so I figured we might get a bit of that.

Sorry kids. All I can do is provide food. Weather is above my pay grade

This morning I opened the shade in the bathroom. It was snowing. Really snowing. There were several inches on the ground, trees, and feeders. The birds were singing to each other in what I think of as birdy conversation.

“Hey, guys? What’s this stuff coming out of the sky? Are your eggs okay? How’re the fledglings doing?”

I promptly put myself back to bed. I was not ready for snow and I hoped, with a little luck, by the time I got up later, the snow would have melted. No such luck. three hours later, it was still snowing, though mixed with rain.

Now, past four in the afternoon, there is still snow on the trees and ground. The roads are clear. They’re probably too warm for snow to stick, but gee whiz, haven’t we had enough winter yet?

I don’t mind rain. How about a nice, gentle spring rain, the kind they talk about in children’s poetry?

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  1. I got my first shot this morning. It snowed the almost hour drive, but it wasn’t sticking. When I came out after about 30 minutes later, there was over two inches over everything! It was coming down so hard that the window would instantly be covered faster than I could push it off. By the time I hit the road, it was over three inches of very, very slick slush… Luckily this heavy stuff didn’t last long and it started melting, but it was still an awful drive on the way home. Yuck – I did more snow driving today than I have in the last two years combined!


    • This is the latest spring snow I’ve experienced. I remember that gigantic 24″ April 1st storm in the 90s. It was one hell of snow especially IN Boston — and it all melted in 48 hours. After which, there were floods. Of course.

      I just feel that after this past year, we DESERVE at least a couple of weeks of actual spring weather. We never seem to get spring. We get winter, late winter, later winter, almost spring — wait, it’s winter again — then two hours of spring around the 10th of May followed by hot, humid weather until it snows in September.

      I don’t think anyone moves here for the weather!

      Hope you’re feeling okay. The first one hurts. The second one is a near-death experience — but just for a day.

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      • We have had a beautiful spring up here in NH this year, one of the best I’ve seen, excepting yesterday’s snow storm! Back in the late 90s we had 3 or 4 inches in late-May! I think in the 30 years I’ve been in NH I have seen about a half a dozen April snows and that one May snow storm.


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