A while ago (a few weeks maybe?), I made two chicken pot pies. We ate one for dinner and froze the second one. The other night, Owen was poking around the deep freeze and said, “How about pot pie for dinner?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

We didn’t take it out to defrost since it was already cooked. Figured we’d just stick it in the oven and keep cooking it until the thermometer said it was hot enough.

And, that’s what we did. It took just under an hour to heat until it was 150 internally. We took it out, sliced into it.

(Long pause.)

I finally said, “That’s not chicken. That’s apple. This is an apple pie.”

The pie
Uh oh. It’s not chicken!

We three stood there looking at it. I remembered we’d made a couple of apple pies at the same time I made the chicken pies. I’d made a lot of crust and needed to use it. We all like apple pie. Now, there was the pie. We were hungry.

“Screw it,” Garry said and took a huge piece of pie. Then we all took a big piece of pie and ate. Fruit is good for you. Vitamin C and plenty of cinnamon, too. The crust is sort of like bread, right? After that, I ate something out of a can. Owen found a bagel. Garry ate the remainder of the pie.

It was the best dinner we’d had in months.

“I think,” Owen said as he finished his last bite of pie, “We need to start marking these containers before we freeze them.” Yep. Definitely. I have to assume we had already eaten the chicken pot pie, though no one could remember exactly when.

There’s no moral to the story except that apple pie isn’t a bad main course. A little caloric, but yummy.

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  1. At least nobody would have said “This tastes like chicken.”


  2. Oh, the laughter here…. we all had made that experience, but apple pie instead of chicken, that’s especially funny! But what a great experience; your culinary tastebuds had to quickly rearrange their ‘feelings’! And so yummy!


    • Garry likes apple pie — a LOT. AND he was hungry, so while Owen and I were trying to figure out what to do about dinner, Garry was digging into the pie. We instantly recognized he had a point, so we did too. It WAS funny. We thought it was funny. At least it was tasty, if not exactly what we had in mind.

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  3. Mmm, Apple pot pie! 😉


  4. When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the Irving Berlin song. He really did have a song for everything.


  5. The sort of dinner you describe is the best kind of dinner. No planning, just al fresco, even if it were a bit of a surprise! Why not have apple pie for dinner? You listed all the benefits to the idea. I think people get locked into a notion that ‘dinner’ (or supper) has to be meat and potatoes and veggies (or variations on a theme). The trips down a side road are the most satisfying in my point of view!


  6. Ever had apple pie with hot custard poured on top?
    That probably doesn’t sound yummy to you. But it’s great.
    At least the way Aunty Elsie used to serve it.


    • We had it in England. That kind of custard isn’t available around here. Actually, they didn’t have it when I lived in New York, either but it really is delicious. Ice cream works too 😀 Extra calcium.


  7. HA! I know how that goes. I’ve gotten better at marking what goes in the freezer. This seems like a good surprise, but chicken pie instead of apple could have been a difficult dessert!


  8. Apple pie is welcome any hour of the day.


    • It was a good one, too. Just a bit of a surprise. I just remember staring at it and thinking “That’s not chicken.” And THEN realizing “Wait — that’s…apple.” It took me a couple of minutes to collect my brain.


  9. Ha! Dessert for dinner sounds good to me! I mark and date everything that goes in my freezer. I’d never remember otherwise.


  10. Apple pie is good for any meal.



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