Bright under a brilliant blue sky

I’m hesitant to declare it officially, but I think it’s finally spring here in the Valley. The weather is inconsistently warm and it still freezes at night, but the days are mostly pretty warm and comfortable. We had our “bit” of rain and nothing more is forecast. On one hand, that’s a worry, but the days are beautiful and this is a rare event. It’s really spring!

Garry took a lot of pictures too. Now that I’ve finished backing everything up and deleting five years of photographs, there’s some room in my drive. Not as much room as I think there should be, but at least it isn’t about to hit the red line.

More will come!

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  1. yay for spring, but yikes about the rain. We have had none here either – really not good 😦

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  2. Nice to see you out and about, Marilyn. Some great shots.

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  3. Your photography is always spectacular. As is Garrys. Always look forward to seeing your photos. We’re you able to keep the ones you removed?

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    • I backed up everything to two SSD hard drives. That was why it took me so long to deal with this. I had to order the drives, THEN I had to back up all 150,000 photographs — twice. Once to each drive. THEN I had to delete all the years of photographs from early through 2017. I’ve got some room back on my drive.

      I’m very serious about backups because I’ve had hard drives crash. Over the years, not once but multiple times. Hard drives — internal and external — can and do crash. Internal ones less often than externals, but there’s a 5 to 6% die-off rate for drives, regardless of who made them.

      That’s why I back up to two different drives so if one goes down, I have another one with the same information.

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    • Covert, it was a superb day of picture taking. From the daffodils on the ground to the billowing clouds above, everyone was posing for headshots — even the birds.

      A Kumbaya day.

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  4. Wow — that first shot is wonderful, with the sky that looks like a Van Gogh painting! The lighting is perfect — you must have had to wait a while to get the right lighting!

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    • It was a photo-perfect day. It was like that all day until about 4:30 when suddenly, dark clouds piled up and we went home. The next day it rained, but that whole days was as close to perfect as a day can be. We also waited until the latter part of the afternoon to avoid the really sharp shadows you get in the morning. Truly, some days you can’t lose. The world is waiting for you 😀

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    • Slmret, as Marilyn says, it was a picture perfect day. Really! I had to look around and choose from so many possibilities as I took shots. So blessed to have this natural bounty.

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