Bright Young, Medium, and Older Things

Garry’s photos have been waiting for a chance to shine. I’ve been waiting to get my computer in order. I got it done and now, I can move along. I still have to pick through my documents. Maybe I’ll pick up some more space that way.

Peaceful by the river
Walking couple

Garry’s photographs don’t easily become squares. He uses a rather cinematic approach to visuals and his pictures are interesting, with people and things in various places. But I’ll see if I can square some more of them tomorrow!

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  1. these are fabulous – so many stories in each of them. Very honoured they have been made into squares


  2. I love getting the “people shots” especially when they have an anonymous tinge. You can just imagine what they are thinking or saying. I always go with a romantic tinge in my thoughts.

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