It was a beautiful day. Not only was it warm, but the birds were singing, the sky was blue, everyone looked happy. A soft breeze was blowing. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Strolling along the Blackstone Canal
Hanging out over the river
Love to hear the robin go “tweet tweet tweet”
Ready to shoot
Spring in the park
Enjoying the flowers

I hope we have some more beautiful days! Maybe finally, this year, we actually have a real springtime.

Categories: birds, Blackstone River, Garry Armstrong, landscape, Photography

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5 replies

  1. I feel hungry for beautiful days. As soon as the rain ends, let’s get back out there again!


  2. america wakes up after thirty years asleep, there is another world out there, wow, and Donald Trump is now trying to become a member of the EU, anything in the past Garry is only a dream, the people of america didn’t really vote in trump,did they?


  3. Beautiful photos Garry. Thanks for sharing


  4. A good day to take pictures, meet and chat with folks. Even the birds were friendly.


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