I wasn’t feeling well. Garry got me this brilliant bouquet to cheer me up.

Sunflower bouquet
Sunshine in a vase

Mostly, I’m feeling wheezy and allergic. The pollen count is waaaaay up there. I can’t afford it a daily inhaler ($285/month), so I just keep puffing on the albuterol emergency inhaler until I the wheezing stops. Being able to breathe really improves my attitude to life.

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  1. poor you – me too I’m in the same league. It reduces my joie de vivre enormeously…..
    but sunflowers NOW – THAT IS something!!!!! Get better soon – and I take your wishes for me too!

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  2. Sunflowers are the happy flowers. They make me smile. I remember with joy the fields of sunflowers I saw in Europe.

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  3. I would wish you get well soon Marilyn,
    The sunflower bouquet is so beautiful.


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    • I’m not sick. Just allergic. Which is very annoying because I love being outside. And there will be a break in midsummer before the fall pollen season begins — but spring and fall are just not good times for those of us with allergies. Even the dog sneezes.

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