I totally love the energy and matter thing. Not merely do I love it. I believe in it. For example, have you ever noticed that all of a sudden, you become really fat when before you were maybe a few pounds over your limit?

And one more than complete squirrel!

This is because energy and matter are really one thing, just in different formats. So when we lose body fat, that energy that was our fat has to go somewhere. Where does it go? It becomes a giant virtual fat cloud. All your fat energy hovers, invisible, in the air and the next time someone walks through it, all that fat will zero in on whoever shows up.

Suddenly, you’re fat. Depending on how big that fat cloud is, you may become fat or you might become huge. That energy need a home and if you are there, it’s yours. Fat energy becomes blubber and attaches firmly to your hips, thighs, and butt.

You could call it Karma. You could also, depending on who collects your fat, call it revenge.

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  1. Haha, that explains why I have no energy and too many wobbly bits (although motherhood definitely has to take some of the blame 😉). Loved the squirrels. KL ❤

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  2. So at last I understand where my waxing and waning ‘fat’ comes from! I know we’re taught to share, but sharing fat is just wrong. Those fat clouds are another good reason to hide in my house and never go out ‘there!’ 😉

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    • It’s my best theory ever and I’m sticking with it 🙂 It explains so much! Better yet, it EXCUSES so much 🙂

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      • Good stuff here.

        I guess the family genes took over my weight thing. At age 79, vanity still prevails but not as much as was when I was younger. I eat sensibly, regularly and avoid binging unless it’s sashimi. The genes keep me trim. It’s a miracle! Oh, yeah — I still exercise daily. That’s an old Gyrene thing. I can still hear my old DI yelling, “Okay, ‘boot’, give me ten more”. Okay, Sarge.


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