FOTD – April 30 – 7 Orchids in Bloom

I have 2 new yellow tulips blooming outside. If it isn’t raining tomorrow, I’ll take a few pictures of them. We’ve never had yellow tulips. I’m not sure where these came from unless bulbs can change color. meanwhile, though, all 7 of my orchids buds are now in full bloom. These started out as bright purple and have reverted to their original white with dark purple hearts.

Can tulip bulbs change color? Apparently they can and most particularly, they turn become yellow as yellow was often the original color from which other varieties were hybridized.

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  1. I love orchids! Enjoy them for me! ❤


  2. My orchids are blooming too. I use a plant lamp for them because I have too much shade even if the windows are in the right place. Maybe a plant lamp will help and not too much water? I had one that protested but it is now in the process of blooming too.


  3. Yours are gorgeous! I’ve thrown mine out Marilyn, they weren’t happen.

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    • You need a LOT of patience. It was more than a year before I saw a hint of flowers to come. It was a full year between these flowering last year and this year. I think it was the fertilizer that made the difference. I usually don’t get fussy with flowers, but I did a little fussing with these. My friend Pat in Switzerland finally waited out the months and now, hers are blooming well. But I suppose you need the right light, too and we don’t all have a window with enough (but not too much) sunlight.

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