They started blooming in early March. Today, as April draws to an end, all the buds have opened. Seven beautiful blossoms grace my orchid plant. There are two more shoots, but I don’t think they will bloom. They seem to be drying up. Still, this has been at least seven weeks of blooming and I probably have two more weeks to go.

Macro – single flower
All seven Orchids in bloom
Close ups, blooming Orchids (slightly graphic)

Seven orchids, seven weeks of blooming and seven it a lucky number. This is the next to the last day of April squares. How fast this month has gone!

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7 replies

  1. They are lovely!


  2. what a stunning orchid, and how fabulous it is blooming again. You obviously have the magic touch when it comes to orchids


    • Really, it’s getting healthy ones to begin with, being very, very patient, recognizing when they are coming awake and feeding them fertilizer at the right time. That’s more work than I normally do for any flowers, but i was annoyed that I hadn’t gotten them to bloom and since what I needed to do was pretty simple (and not expensive), I figured I had nothing to lose. Their original color vanished, but I wasn’t surprised. They make them fancy for selling, but since they haven’t actually mutated, they revert to their original colors.

      I’m just happy they are growing. Now they will start to dies off, one at a time. They die a LOT faster than they grow!



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