Month: May 2021


This is my Favorite Photo that I’ve Ever Taken. Show Us Yours! A mini-challenge from Judy Dykstra-Brown I’ve taken so many pictures, but these are in the top handful of pictures we’ve taken. One is Garry’s I took very similar pictures… Read More ›


FIBBING FRIDAY: BE GRATEFUL THAT IT DOESN’T LAST ALL YEAR! From PCGUY IV comes this charming list of medical terms. Who could resist this marvelous selection? sphincter, phalanges, rectum, varicose, aorta, vein, artery, alveolus, bacteria, virus Great selection! You left… Read More ›


It was an ordinary day in the suburb of Jerusalem where I managed a weekly English-language newspaper. I had fallen into the job when the previous editor quit after his paycheck bounced. Twice. Me too, but I wanted the paper to succeed. I was… Read More ›


SCURRILOUS! Scurrilous refers to a bad hair day, but unlike regular bad hair days, this can refer to a bad hair day for any kind of haired or furry creature including those from planet outside our planetary system. If you… Read More ›