Last on the Card April 2021

As it happened, i took a bunch of random pictures today. This picture didn’t need much help. It was one of those rare times where the picture was straight, it’s sharp, it’s light, and the color isn’t weird. How rare is that?

Ivy and orchids and anthurium in a single pot from my Pen F
Last shot on OMD-EM-1-Mark III

And this sums up the final shots on two different cameras. It was a busy morning for me and my cameras, and this was the before I even got to drinking my coffee.

Categories: Anthurium, Flowers, foliage, indoor garden, Photography

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11 replies

  1. Wow!
    They do look so lovely 🙂


  2. Lovely houseplants! Orchids are particularly lovely.


    • I’ve become really fond of orchids. It’s the first flowering plant with which I’ve had really good luck. Maybe it’s the light in that window and that I don’t use anything but window light for all the plants, so for them it’s similar to following natural light since the only thing I use the dining room for is the plants and taking pictures of plants and the birds on the deck.

      Orchids are very satisfying to grow because they bloom for months.


  3. Lovely plants and flowers for last photos for April Marilyn. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂



  1. Last on the Card – May 2021 – bushboys world

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