When I went into the bedroom last night, Garry was watching “Sodom and Gomorrah.” Specifically, he was asleep and the TV was on. Given what he had been watching, I can understand. I’m not big on old movies that purport to explain biblical stuff. I make an exception for “The Ten Commandments” because it is so hokey it takes on a life of it’s own. Also, I’ve seen it so many time I can run dialogue with it. And I still think the whole “crossing the Red Sea” thing is pretty cool, especially without CGI.

I have never been able to sit through any other bible-based movie, especially tales of the Messiah because I don’t believe there has been a messiah, nor do I believe one is about to show up. Moreover, I figure if Christ is everyone’s central religious character, why doesn’t anyone practice anything he would relate to? I personally doubt he believed greed is great and we should do anything and everything to grab as much money and goodies as we can before our mortal coil snaps.

What were they doing in Gomorrah?

My current theory is they were stupid and had no moral center. They were mean to each other and probably bigoted and hateful. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor and deprived. If everyone starved, they wouldn’t care as long as they were well-fed.

Wait a minute. I think I’m describing 2021. Ah, Now it all makes sense.

This IS Gomorrah.


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  1. I have watched Ben Hur several times. Will again. Because it’s inspired Art.
    Anyways, at the chariot races I always put my money on Ben.

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  2. One doesn’t have to embrace Christ to fully understand that modern (and ancient) man did not ‘get’ His teachings. We are flawed and human and I think (privately) that the point Christ was trying to make was that we can do better than we do, and we ought to give it a damned good try. Silly talk I realize. Uh, I have one question though. By your comment
    “Moreover, I figure if Christ is everyone’s central religious character, why doesn’t anyone practice anything he would relate to? ” I’m curious. Does that mean Christianity is the central religion worldwide? I bet some folks elsewhere would quibble with that one. There are a LOT of ‘gods’, but (to me) only one God. Buddhists (according to my Buddhist neighbor) believe Buddha was a man, but a prophet. Mohammed (spell?) was a man…but a prophet. There’s wiggle room in there about Christ (who was a man, but who the faithful to Him believe was God’s son). Sorry. I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything. I’m just curious.

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    • I’m not Christian, but I still agree with that. Jesus was, after all, a rabbi of the Hillel school. I’ve always preferred the whole Hillel interpretation of the Torah.

      Christianity is certainly the western world’s major (majority) religion, but worldwide, it may not be. There are a LOT of Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists in this world. Not many Jews left, outside of Israel. WWII really reduced our numbers by about two-thirds and so many of we non-observant Jews have married out that our grandchildren are not Jewish.

      Still, I’ve read a lot. I’ve been involved in Christianity including a lot of studies. Honestly? I don’t know anything. I really don’t. That’s why when I talk about what I believe, it’s just me. I’m not speaking for anyone else.

      Judaism is as poorly understood as The Church of Latter Day Saints — your people — are. Which is to say, not much. So I give some nudges because Jesus really WAS a Jew and many of the things he said were said by other rabbis before him. So was he the son of God? If so, why aren’t we ALL Jews. I often think that after he died, they made the rest up so that it would be easier to follow than Judaism, which has an awful lot of complicated rules. Christianity sold a lot better than Judaism among the Romans. Once they removed circumcision and the dietary laws and said you didn’t have to do “good works” to be “saved,” just repent — which you have to admit is a whole lot less effort than living a life of good works. Of course, most Jews don’t live that life either. Maybe that’s the point.

      Whether Jesus or Mohammad or Buddha was a god, son of God, godlike, or representing many gods? It really doesn’t matter because none of us live up to the best of what we can and should be. We never have. We may make periodic efforts at it, but we mostly give up before we reach the finish line. You guys call it sin. Jews just call it failure. I’m not sure there is a difference.

      I don’t know what I believe. It changes from decade to decade, but I do believe that we should all be a lot better than we are and not because “God said so,” but because it’s the right way to behave. AND it always has been the right way to behave. I’m pretty sure we really ARE living in Gomorrah. We are proud, greedy, lustful (lust isn’t just sex, it’s desire incarnate). If we don’t kill, we also do not save. We’ve wrecked our environment, failed to help those who need our care, and generally are a pretty unattractive bunch, whatever our official religion (or lack thereof) might be.

      I’ve gotten pretty cynical as I’ve aged. I watched my mother grow increasingly cynical with the passing years. I never thought it would happen to me. Well. There you go. It happened. Because the more of life I see, the uglier it looks.

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  3. Yep, sounds right to me. And I agree that you don’t have to believe in “the Messiah” to understand that Christ would not approve of a lot of what is done in his name – greed, prejudice, selfishness, hate, etc.

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    • Okay, I was watching “Sodom and Gomorrah” for the story line. It delivers in the first scene with a long pan shot of the morning after a big orgy. Lots of nubile, young actresses all over the place, clearly exhausted by the big party. I last saw this sword, sandals and wine epic as a teenager, more than 60 years ago. Still works for me. The film was given extensive coverage with artistic pictorials in Playboy and Hustler magazines which I studied earnestly as a young cinemaphile.

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