I love when I manage to catch one of my birds in the air. I have a very small amount of area in which to shoot, so to get them in flight they have to quite literally pass directly in front of the square of window through which i shoot. Considering how difficult the shooting conditions are, I’m surprised I’ve managed to get as many pictures as I have.

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  1. Awesome gallery of flying birds. Our chickadees don’t do that so I have to wonder if it is the thinner air up there??? LOL! The one chickadee photo looks like he is hopping in the air like a bunny. 🙂


    • He was hopping onto the big suet block and I happened to catch him in mid hop. I think a lot of what you see with your birds depends on location. Owen used to live in a house with a barn and the chickadees used to roll down the roof and start to fly when they fell off. Chickadees are famous for their aerodynamics, but the playfulness was a surprise. But when you watch them a lot — or your setting lets you watch them — you can see more of it.

      Right now everything is breeding, so the birds and squirrels have made a godawful MESS out of the deck.

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      • That would have been amazing to see. Yeah, we got nests all over the place and the birds are on alert but active. The Mississippi Kite and Swallow-tailed Kite have already showed up. 🙂


  2. fab collection – maybe your tiny birds are failing suicidal cases?! 😉 No, of course not – they’re cleverer than that – maybe they just behave as kids do – and do it for the dare?!


  3. I especially like that first one…and the yellow bird that looks like it is just standing there.


    • All the finches and the chickadees do that. They dive off branches and the feeders and drop until they are almost on the ground and then they open their wings. They like to dive bomb. I think it’s a game all the little birds seem to enjoy. They play. The bigger birds are too greedy and aggressive to play.


  4. Beautiful photos, Marilyn!



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