Owen took the pictures, so he gets the credit. Originally, these tulips were dark pink — nearly red. The have returned to us as bright yellow. This year, there are two which is a 100% improvement over last year when we had one and it didn’t bloom. The leaves grew, but it was a cold spring. Everything was late or didn’t bloom.

Only two tulips, but not growing together — in fact in opposite ends of the garden. Why?
The other yellow tulip
Up close and personal
The same color as our Goldfinch
Last of our two tulips
See how well the Goldfinch matches the tulips? Coincidence or cabal?

The hydrangea (finally) went into the earth today. It was terribly root-bound and was afraid it would die if it didn’t get transplanted today. It went into the backyard garden. Healthy earth back there because when Owen planted that garden (it was a Mother’s Day gift from fifteen years ago) and put a lot of good topsoil in it.

So the earth in the backyard is rich. Full of humous from all the leaves we never clean up. Plus, we’ve had a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks, so it’s nice and moist. And maybe it will rain again.

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6 replies

  1. Wonderful photos Owen 😀


  2. it will grow! They like good soil, rotten leaves are perfect, hope it’s not to sunny, that they don’t appreciate. You did what you could – so lean back and let nature do its thing. I also have funny tulips and daffs growing where I never planted any – it’s one of nature’s wonders to me.


  3. Great piece


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