Share Your World 5-4-2021

Today’s question left me a bit puzzled, but I’m ready to answer anything, no matter how bizarre.


Would you rather be a super nice person and be depressed all your life, or be happy and a total asshole.  (NOTE: Credit to Cyranny for this question from one of her “Cyranny’s Quickies” posts.)

Why can’t I be a happy asshole or an intermittently depressed nice old lady at the same time? As a matter of fact, I think that pretty much describes me.

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Have you ever made someone cry?

I’m a mother. What do you think?

Are you a dreamer or a go-getter?

I went and got when I was young and hot. Now, I dream of hitting the lottery and repairing the house.

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

I play the piano. Or used to. I can strum a little guitar. Or used to. I sang, back when I had a voice. Now, I just turn the music up and sing along so no one can hear me. Also, whenever someone on television plays a piece I used to perform, I point out to Garry that I used to play that. How unimpressive can one get? I could be a depressed asshole about how my music skills have fled. Instead, I do my own version of Karaoke. Works for me.


This gets complicated. First, I’d like to thank Google for forcing me to stop using their YouTubeTV cable-replacement package. As soon as it became obvious to me — and why it wasn’t obvious before, I really don’t know — that Google was playing fast and loose with private information gleaned from what we watch on television, I got really pissed off.

I am very tired of corporate social media companies believing they have the right to poke their virtual noses into our stuff. We changed to a different streaming “cable-like” station and all is not only well, it is better.

A lot of problems we had with YouTubeTV vanished when we switched. It turns out, they were not only intrusive, they also had a lot of transmission issues. Now we have Fubo-TV which actually has NESN — the station (only station) that broadcasts regular Red Sox games in the Boston area.

Also, I want to thank Tom Curley for strongly advising us to pick up Paramount Plus. Over all, we now have a much better set-up, more channels, and finally, finally, finally, we can watch a Red Sox game! Although depending on how the season goes, it might turn out to be a mixed blessing.

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  1. What does Paramount Plus get you that CBS doesn’t? Also, I noticed that FuboTV doesn’t have TBS, TNT, TCM, and CNN. Finally, with the DVR that Fubo offers, can you specify to record only NEW episodes?


    • All the Star Treks — there are about 7 of them — and tons of movies and a lot of shows that are not on regular CBS. They also have the whole DC comic movies. Lots of superman/girl/dog/teenageers. Disney+ has all the Marvel stuff, Pixar, National Geographics, et al. HBO Max also has everything made by Loony Toons and you never know when you’ll need THAT.

      FUBO: You can choose all episodes or only new ones. They are missing the Turner group, but HBOMax (which we also have), has TCM and Comedy Central and a lot of the older shows show up on Netflix or Amazon Prime. and if you are a fan of NCIS, it’s got all 18 seasons. Other long running series. But MOSTLY, it’s got Star Trek as its own genre. I’m in love with Picard.

      Mainly, FUBO has sports. It was originally a sports network and it has everything and Garry IS a baseball nut since early kidhood. I think the big seller on Fubo was NESN and the Red Sox. The ONLY other way you can get NESN is with the super expensive expanded cable package. Baseball is in the process of self-destruction.

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  2. Thanks, Marilyn for Sharing Your World! I think most would agree that you’re a happy super nice person and that my question was flawed! 😉 Too many shades of gray in life to choose absolutes in character aren’t there? We’ve all fought the ‘good’ fight against data harvesting and that whole mess, and you’ve provided me with some valuable information as to why not to give in to the insistent pressure from Youtube to get their danged ‘streaming’ option. Go Red Sox! Have a great week!


    • The YouTubeTV streaming service is amazingly complete. It was actually BETTER than our cable package ever was. It has more of absolutely everything. BUT they harvest your account for information to hit you with “appropriate ads,” which I really hate.

      If you’re looking for a less expensive package and you aren’t a sports nutter, Sling it the big winner for both price and options. Garry IS a sports guy, so it had to have that stuff on it or he’d go completely off his rails. You cannot deprive the man of baseball. OR old movies — for which we have HBOMax (included TCM), Starz, Disney+, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime (comes with their Prime package free), Hulu, and Netflix. Hulu has a “cable alternative” package too, but it didn’t have sports. It would have been great for me, but Garry couldn’t survive without sports. He’s really DEDICATED. We have more than we need but we watch everything because we are pretty eclectic. I’m more into sci fi than Garry is, but he like Sci Fi, not just as much as I do. I like baseball, but NOBODY likes it more than Garry. Garry loved old black & white movies. We both like westerns, but he LOVES them. We also watch a lot of current shows, though almost never in their normal time slots. We save them and watch later. Doesn’t everyone?


  3. How is Ellin doing? I’ve not seen her write anything her in quite a while.


    • She ran out of things to say. I said “you can’t run out of things to say,” but apparently she did. Also, I think she is recovering from a serious COVID slump. She didn’t have COVID but the long locked in the house thing really got to her. Got to me, too and I’m still not really recovered. It’s going to take a while.


  4. Love your first answer


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