CFFC: Real vs Fake

It can be hard to tell, especially with flowers. Once upon a time, many long years go, I went on vacation and a friend of mine was supposed to water the plants. He really watered those plants and I had to dispose of many of them they were so over-watered. But the thing was, he ALSO over-watered my silk flowers. They also, very sadly, failed to survive.

Stuffed dog. Well-trained. Quiet. Doesn’t shed.
Real dog. Poorly trained. Barks at dogs and delivery trucks. Sheds copiously and a picky eater yet begs constantly.

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9 replies

  1. Learning point: never water silk flowers!
    But in his defense, I have seen very well-made silk blooms which look sooooo real!


  2. I love dogs, real and fake 😀 😀


  3. so funny about the plants


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