It was cold today. Yesterday was warm — at least for the morning — but it chilled down at night. Today, it never warmed up, even though the sky was clear and the sun was out. I opened all the doors in the morning, just to get some air, but soon had to close everything again. I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn on the heat! It is spring, damn it. Spring, I tell you!

Every year, our backyard is a combination of violets and dandelions
Many uproot violets because they ruin the lawn. Lawns are overrated
Mostly violets
More violets
Of course, some rhododendrons


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  1. No Mow May is what we are being encouraged to do, leaving the flowers to bloom for insects.


  2. Dandelions and violets abound… We’ve had our fill of dandelion tonic and I’ll pick leaves and flowers to add to salads into early June. Dan’s uprooted over 100 violets from front lawn and transplanted in front of barn. Yay, spring! ❤

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  3. I love the violets, and the dandelions simply add some contrast! Beautiful!


  4. Beautiful flowers Marilyn 😀


  5. They do look amazing, beside disturbing your lawn 🙂


  6. To heck with lawns! We should stop messing with nature and allow the indigenous plantlife to grow where it pleases! I am proud of my yard full of violets and dandelions. The only thing better is the brown yard I got during 2012’s drought…much less maintenance!

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  7. I think I would also go with the violets and dandelions, Marilyn, but my dad would want a lawn.

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    • I admit I’ve never seen the point of a lawn. It’s a massive maintenance issue, the idol of the suburbs. The family with the best lawn wins(something, maybe a new lawnmower?). No one in our neighborhood has a lawn. Instead, we have trees, roots, and rocks. Even if I wanted a lawn, I doubt we could grow one. So I’m glad enough to have wildflowers 😀

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      • We have a lawn which my dad maintains and I agree it is rather painful. I love flowers, rocks, railway sleeper paths, and trees too.

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        • I grew up with a lawn because doesn’t everyone have a lawn? We never USED it. We didn’t walk on it, sit on it. It was just there, getting mowed as needed, fertilized in the spring. It was an okay lawn. Not a prize-winner. To me, it was wasted space. I wanted a pony. I figured the pony could graze on the lawn and since we never used the garage, he could live there. For reasons I found inexplicable as an 8-year old, but fully understand now, my mother resisted this. Sometimes, mother’s are just NO fun at all. Since then, I lived in two houses that had lawns. They were green, but I suspect mostly crab grass.

          When I moved to Israel, no lawns. No one had space for a lawn. Almost everyone lived in a condo, and in any case, it was really a desert on top of a mountain. Instead, I had a huge terrace full of geraniums and petunias, the only two plants I could find that would survive full sun in that latitude. We had contests for most creative terraces. I never won, but I was very happy with it anyway. It required a staggering amount of watering, though. Twice a day in mid-summer and if it was especially hot — like Arizona in July kind of hot — as often as three times a day. As long as they were watered, they grew HUGE. I didn’t know there were that many kinds of geraniums.

          When we moved here, what should have been lawn is all trees. We planted a lawn in the backyard, but it didn’t live more than one summer. The winter came and it died. Too much ice, too much snow, too cold. Now, it’s all wildflowers with some crabgrass, some real grass, and violets with dandelions. I tried to build a woodland path, but the boulders got in my way. The ground back there is very rough. Not even good for a four-wheeler, but great for deer and other woodland creature. I’m just as happy without a lawn. When the wildflowers die, we mow it, put chairs on it and if it isn’t too muggy, enjoy the air.

          No more lawns. I’m so glad!

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  8. I love your garden / lawn it’s so pretty and who doesn’t love dandelions for bees.

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