Is it spring yet? Today it feels like spring. The sun is out, the leaves are slowly opening and the air feels right for the season. I’m still waiting before changing from the winter comforter to lighter covers. It has been so up-and-down here with warm days and frozen nights. Maybe this is the real beginning?

Each time we get one of these lovely war days I think, “Okay. Now it’s spring.” Then it freezes overnight and I figure “Just another few days!”


What do you believe but cannot prove?

I believe humanity is fatally flawed and we are about to pay the price for our arrogance. How long will it take? I doubt it will take much longer. We are on the edge of catastrophe — and STILL ARGUING ABOUT IT. We just cannot accept what we see with our eyes and feel in our guts.

It’s hard for me to believe that so many people really think that the answer to all problems is money. Greed will end our world. No amount of money will save anyone.

I hope the very richest people get to also be the last people so they can watch their doomed world expel them and everything they thought was important.

But you see, no one wants to hear this. I don’t think we will fix anything before it’s too late. I believe we have met the enemy and he is us.

Do animals have morals?   Exclude human beings from the equation please. 

No. They have no morals. They have no philosophy. They live to live and survival is their world. I do not know if this is equally true of higher apes — who are very close to humans in their ability to think — or whales and dolphins who might think, though we really have no idea what they might be thinking about.

I suspect their ideas are based on the lives they live. Trying to find where the food is, finding water the right temperature. Finding a mate. It’s interesting that apes won’t mate with any male or female presented to them. They have to actually LIKE each other. I think that’s more than most people find necessary.

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

I’m not sure what you mean by order. Bigger creatures eat smaller ones. Smaller ones generally reproduce faster than larger ones to keep pace with the “you are my dinner” exchange. It may sound cruel, but is it crueler than slaughter houses and the mass murder of creatures great and small so we can stuff them and hang them on our walls?

Everything is out of order now. We have lost FIFTY BILLION BIRDS over the past fifty years and we lost a lot more before that, including many that are now extinct. We are in the process of finishing off the elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, tigers and wolves. Anything large and inconvenient for humans dies by our hands and we think nothing of it. We are the “masters” and kill we must.

We are destroying the world in which we live. If in the end, it rejects us, we deserve it. Do HUMANS have an inherent order? Other than an endless enthusiasm for mass slaughter? Why do we think we have the right to murder every creature that shares this earth, not to mention each other?

I don’t know what we were meant to be. If there is a God, he is failing miserably at making people something other than the bringers of death and destruction.

Hey, God? If you are up there, I think the long silence needs to end. Time to put in a personal appearance that will end everyone’s doubts. Time to come on down and do something to make this world worth living in. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that will save us.

On the other hand, maybe we aren’t worth saving.

Where is your least favorite place in the world?

Anyplace that is both hot and humid. I admire rain forests, but I don’t want to visit or live in one. I don’t even like summer in New England where the heat and humidity can make it feel like there’s no air to breathe.


I love when the leaves are still golden and the sun is the bright yellow, before it turns redder in summer. I’m still waiting for spring to really arrive.

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  1. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World. Again I’m struck with your wisdom and how well you put that wisdom into words for everyone to read! You have a wonderful gift. Here in Utah, it’s doing that “Is it spring YET?” thing too, it was 70+ last week (in the daytime), today I’ll be surprised if it breaches 55. Brr. Cold and slow is how spring is coming this time around. Well, I like that better than quick and hot (and flooding). I’m with you firmly on the high humidity. Ugh. I visited Washington D.C. once as a teenager during the month of May and the humidity made me feel like showering all the time, it was that oppressive. I am saddened by the statistics you provided that show just how badly ‘man’ has damaged our beautiful earth. I’m going to ‘borrow’ your Pogo image and put it as a side bar image on my own blog. We need to remember. Too often we forget. Have a good week!


    • The artist died years ago, but that to me sort of says it all.

      Yes, we are still getting the cold warm cold warm thing. It’s why, even though I finally changed the bed covering this morning, I’m wondering if I’ll be sorry tomorrow.

      We’ve done awful things to the earth and we don’t seem to be able to stop. We made fortunes ravaging Earth, but we don’t want to put anything into fixing the mess we made. It is one of the few really nice things about New England, that we’ve put a huge amount of money and energy into restoring the mess. We tore down mills and factories and restored them to forests. We have a 70% trees to land ratio, which is the highest in the country, but 100 years ago we had almost NO trees. But it’s a big country and I don’t see this happening elsewhere. It’s a very sad thing to watch places of majestic beauty be desecrated with trash and developments.

      I keep wondering what will get us to STOP doing that? Will anything make a difference? Will it make a difference to the people who have the power to actually do something that might really fix it? I keep waiting. I remember that very first Earth Day — and here we are, 50 years later. I’m not seeing much of an improvement.

      We live in hope that somewhere along the line, humanity will wake up and do something positive and lasting. I sure hope so.


  2. Hi Marilyn, you have said it all very eloquently in this post and I cannot improve upon your thoughts and words.


    • I keep hoping that something will wake us up and instead of pretending it will all wait until “someday we get around to fixing it,” we’ll get off our communal butts and do something. I’ve been waiting for 51 years.


  3. Your first response in thought provoking


    • I’m not optimistic about our ability to fix our world. We are starting too late and I’m sure everyone will object when they see the price tag.

      American money is not for world saving. It’s for handing over to big corporations. Anything else is un-American. We have to be the stupidest country on earth. Well, maybe not the stupidest. I think there are a few contenders for the title.

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