The questions look interesting, especially since I’ve been doing some serious purchasing of pop culture recently while we have been reorganizing our television options. So why not?

Question with my honest answers as of today. I can’t promise that I’ll agree with myself a month from now, but I can firmly state my beliefs today. Tomorrow is another world.

What pop culture phenomenon have you bought into?

Star Trek. I didn’t like Voyager or Deep Space 9, but I’ve liked all the others. I have to admit, after fighting it for a couple of years, I love Picard and am deeply engrossed in Discovery. I had to stop myself from staying up all night and watching it until it ends.

As soon as a show gets into time travel or parallel universes, I’m hooked.

Were you hooked right away, or did it grow on you over time?

I’ve been hooked since the original Star Trek came out in the 1960s. There was a long interruption, but now it’s back, big time. Science Fiction is one of the few things that helps me feel free. It’s the unreality of it. The impossibility. I love the mind-twisting of time travel.

I’m equally in love with magic and am convinced that we are living in the middle of magic. We call it technology, but the only difference is the nature of the incantations. How is programming all that different than magic potions? Why does all of that text actually convince a machine to do the things it does? It’s just text yet it has changed the world.

You call it technology. I call it magic. I don’t see a difference.

Did you initially get into it because it seemed interesting to you, or did someone recommend it?

It was fun television show and at the time, probably the most interesting show on the screen. Little did I know that it wasn’t merely a TV show. It was the beginning of a franchise.

Was it just a passing fancy, or are you still a fan?

Absolutely still a fan. I have not liked every show, but the ones I have liked I have more than just liked them. I love them.

Truthful Tuesday: May 11th, 2021

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  1. – “Pop?” Star Wars for sure .. and I like Star Trek a lot too.
    – Hooked? Nope. I don’t jump into things. As a matter of fact if I see a popular trend of some kind I automatically assume it’s crap. And I’m usually 100% correct. BUT with Star Wars – and Beatles – I eventually had to bite.
    – “Recommended”? I follow my own counsel. Always have. Always will.
    – “Still a fan”? Some things endure and pass the test of time.

    Thanks. This was fun.


    • The two new Star Treks on Paramount+ are really very good. Picard is Stewart and he’s always good, and Discovery has a lot of surprises in it When they become free, they are worth watching. I haven’t liked every Star Trek, but I really liked these two.


  2. As you know I’m also a fan as was David. I first saw the original series as a child and loved the characters and even though I recognise that some of the episodes have not aged well I still do. It took me a bit longer to take to TNG but I soon warmed to those characters and still believe it to be the best of the spin offs.


    • One of the things they have is the remastered original Star Trek. Haven’t gotten to it yet, but probably will. I can’t remember the last time I saw the original show. It has been at least five years, probably more

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  3. Like you, I didn’t care at all for Voyager nor Deep Space Nine. I did enjoy both Star Trek and Star Trek TNG. On your recommendation, I’m going to suss out Picard and Discovery and see what I see. If I can find them for free. If they wanna charge me? I’ll just wait until they become free. Star Trek is one of those yummy things…it’s fun, non-fattening and free. Escapism has become my own ‘drug of choice’.


    • I’m sure they will become free – eventually. I was waiting for three years and finally, I gave in and bought Paramount+ (was CBS All Access), but ditched Netflix (which we almost never watched) and Epix (which duplicated things we got on other channels). I’m glad I did because we watch a lot of CBS-based shows and it’s nice seeing them without commercials — or at least, almost no commercials.


  4. It seems a lot of folk love startrek! I never really got into it! ❤



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