FOTD – May 13 – Rhododendron With Many Flowers

I thought it might rain tomorrow, so I got myself outside to see how the blooming goes. Our Rhododendron has gone into blossom overdrive. I have rarely seen a Rhododendron bloom this heavily. We nursed this bush for 20 years and this is the first year it seems happy to be here. Good thing we are patient!

I found we also managed to have three lilacs on our huge tree. Three! Last year we only had one, so I think we may be heading for a new record.

And the Solomon’s Seal is still in heavy bloom, but now the shade is taking over that side of the property, so they will pass away until next spring.

Solomon’s Seal with the woods closing in

And finally, let us not forget the trees. The leaves aren’t full yet and it’s late. All the trees should be in full leaf by now.

Japanese Maple with oak trees overhead

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  1. So beautiful flowers, lovely garden, Marilyn.


    • This is the best time of year for flowers. That’s why Decoration/Memorial Day was put at the end of May, because that’s when everyone’s garden is blooming. This year, even ours is blooming. Yay!

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  2. Marilyn, thanks for describing the photos! It is very appreciated by me as I am blind so unable to see them, but wow! So many lovely flowers! ❤


    • Most of my flowers were wildflowers that have been “tamed.” Some are still wildflowers. I’ve just transplanted them to a place with more sun so they bloom more than they did in the woods … and they also have more room to spread. This year, though, a few things bloomed that have never bloomed before.

      Do you have any vision or are you completely blind?


  3. In Seattle in the mid-60’s, there was a spot by the side of the road where the rhododendrons were completely wild — there were bushes with all colors of the rhododendron rainbow, side by side, and they all bloomed at the same time. When the second floating bridge was built, they lost several of the bushes, but there is still an impressive display there in the spring!


    • They seem to come in just about every color a flower can be. Ours were entirely white, but this year, the buds are pink, the flower is white but has a dark pink swatch of color in the middle. It must be nice to see a whole display of them. We had them growing where I grew up, but they never bloomed because it was so shady. They grew, but didn’t flower. We found this one on the property when we moved in and it was pretty sad looking. We moved it out into the garden where is continued to occasional grow a flower, but until this year, it never REALLY bloomed. I’m told newer Rhododendrons grow faster than these old ones. This one took 20 years to fill out and really show its stuff. I think it was being crowded our by the roses, too. Since we started chopping back the roses, the Rhododendrons started putting out a lot more branches. It looks pretty healthy now. All we need at this point is some RAIN.

      Did you ever get pictures of the Rhodie display? There are so many things of which I wish I had taken some pictures.


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