FOTD – May 18 – A Tulip Bouquet

Garry brought me beautiful pink tulips. A put them in a vase and enjoyed them for a week. I loved the color. I had a sweater this color in college that I wore all the time. In those pre-hippy days, I already dressed like one. I want that sweater back.

I don’t usually yearn for the olden days, but I frequently yearn for the clothing of those days. Those A-line skirts that were long enough so you didn’t have to keep your knees clamped together and sweaters that were flattering, but not skin tight. Bell bottoms. Not huge and flapping, but graceful. Flat shoes, made to order from a little cobbler in Greenwich Village. They had comfortable round toes and never made my feet hurt.

I’d do a lot for shoes that won’t make my feet hurt.

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  1. These tulips are so elegant. Thanks for sharing these photos 😀


  2. Beautiful pink tulips!

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  3. Those tulips are a beautiful color! I’m not surprised you loved your sweater! You can still find the clothing items you mentioned, but the quality won’t be as good. Or they’re considered ‘vintage’ and will only bear gentle handling. I’d love some bell bottoms. I went jeans shopping at Wal*Mart and was shocked that even there the prices were fairly high. And they’re all ‘slim cut’ now. Yeah. Skin-tight anything looks really odd on someone 60+ (in my opinion. I guess if you’ve got the chutzpah to wear such clothing..good for you). I finally found some ‘bargain’ jeans in my size for a very reasonable price. Turns out they were seconds and some bright bulb didn’t put any pockets in them O_o. PLUS. They’re skinny jeans anyway. Arrrgh. Some of us have fat calves. Do those manufacturers even get that?

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    • The cut of clothing for both men and women is ugly. Garry hates it. I hate it. Tight clothing doesn’t look good on ANYONE. Fortunately, I can still find clothing that looks “normal.” Not quite what I loved, but close enough.

      The quality fo all clothing is pretty bad, even expensive stuff. The China and Vietnam effect. The sizes are undependable, the thread falls apart. AND it costs a lot.


    • Melanie, I really have to wonder about the folks who dress to go shopping in our local supermarket.

      The women look like they’ve binged soft porn “cougar” movies. They sashay through the supermarket’s doors in stiletto heels, body hugging leopard design jeans, bare midriff (Oy), teen design tee shirt showing way, way too much cleveage and a Joan Crawford lipstick look. Truly harrowing and maybe a bit sad. Yes, they draw stares but not for the right reason.

      Then there are the guys. They saunter down the aisles in tight cowboy jeans, bellies sticking over their “Hell’s Angels” tee shirts and gold chains clanging from their big necks. The good ol’ boys who’ve been to hell and back. I suppress my grin and just nod a polite greeting as we pass each other in our circus maximus.

      Don’t these people have any friends?

      Mea culpa moment: My family has politely/bluntly commented on my sometimes ill-advised choice of clothing to wear in public. I bluster but listen. They are right.


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