Once upon a time, my generation was the largest generation the world had ever seen. The post-war baby boomers were a huge population bump and that is probably how we managed to get some stuff done. Or, more accurately, we thought we got some stuff done. We believed we’d passed some good laws. We were on our way to making life better for the poor, the old, and the disabled. You didn’t have to worry about wire hangers for an abortion. There was viable birth control. Computers created a whole new industry.

Earth’s day in court

Earth Day. The Civil Rights movement. Medicare. Medicaid. Cutting emissions. Recycling. Peace in the middle East. Walking on the moon.

And then, time circled back and suddenly, no one cared about any of the things we fought for. Younger generations accused us of being the bad guys. Funny, but I thought we were the ones who stood up and fought back. We tried our best to do our best for us and future generations, but those future generations decided voting was pointless and protests were meaningless, They let all the gains we made slip through their fingers like sand in an hour-glass.

The ultimate idiocy was, of course, our most recent president who, with fangs bared, set out to intentionally destroy any gains we made. If I were a Christian, I wouldn’t see him as my leader. I’d see him as the anti-Christ. If ever we managed to find true evil to run our government, he was it.

Now what?

In 2020, we elected a better president, but he is old. I like him and believe he has our best interests at heart — but I wonder how much he can really accomplish?

Pogo – Walt Kelly – 1971

I think he was an anomaly and unlikely to be repeated. My generation and Garry’s are disappearing faster with each passing year. COVID didn’t help, but really, time has done most of the damage. We no longer have the voting power we had when we were that huge generation. Now, the kids who seem to think we are useless are going to have to stand up and be counted. If they don’t, nothing will ever be set right.

There seems to be more energy in my granddaughter’s generation and with all my heart, I hope they succeed is staying the course. We tried, but it seems all the success we thought we’d gained is gone. The world has gotten to be a very strange place. These days, I don’t feel like I fit in. I’m not sure if I’ll ever fit in again. 

It’s a very peculiar feeling recognizing you are too old to fight those battles. My brain is ready, but the rest of me is ready for a long vacation in a warm place with tall umbrella drinks. I’ll settle for a warm day on the deck and the chirping of the birds.

The baton was passed. I sure hope they are hope to the challenge because it’s huge. They have to fight all the same battles we fought plus a bunch of new ones that are the result of the gains we made not being made permanent or meaningful.

It turns out, the battle to make the world a better place is never over. You fight and the you have to keep fighting just to keep from losing ground.

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  1. I thought, or at least hoped, that our generation would leave the world a better place, but I fear that we have failed. Now it’s too late for us, and we can only hope that our successors will pick up the gauntlet and learn from our failures.


    • I think the problem is that we assumed that once a law was passed, It was a law and we were finished. We didn’t realize that was just the beginning of the battle … AND we had to raise our kids to believe in the same stuff.

      I really thought that was how it worked. You got the new laws and that solved a problem. Who knew?

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  2. Hi Marilyn, this is a great post. I am much younger than you but I know exactly what you are saying. I see this apathy too and watch the rights my parents generations and the ones before them fought so hard for being discarded and seen as worthless. The good news is that my sons generation [Gen Z] are great activists and they are going to put their best foot forward and make some real changes. I have faith in them. I don’t protest or march either, but I do write books [wink].

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    • I hold some hope for my granddaughter’s generation. They seem to be more attached to the potential awfulness that awaits of no one does anything to stop it.

      It’s painful to be dismissed as if all the stuff we worked so hard to achieve was worthless. But the think is, for something to have meaning it needs to be kept like a garden. Watered. Fertilized. Appreciated. And fought for again when necessary. The generations who are the MOST dismissive of us are the ones who have done the least. They’ve drifted through life, complaining about everything, but not even bothering to vote. God help us if they are the ones in charge of the world because they will truly doom us.

      Writing has been my way too and I’ve been writing as long as I was able to get my fingers on a keyboards, from aging typewriters to latest greatest computers. I know it’s not making huge changes in the world, but if I manage to affect one of two people here and there, that’s something.

      Let’s both hope that the latest gen ZZZZ have some character and are willing to at least TRY to do something for the world and not just for their own pocketbooks!

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  3. Very thoughtful. All we can do now is let go. As you say, the Boomers did their bit. We have nothing to be ashamed of, we tried to set a better example, to clean up the world, to instill peace in our children and grandchildren. If that didn’t ‘take’ (and it didn’t apparently), I doubt God will point any fingers and say we didn’t do our part. We did. Sadly there will always be ‘evil men’, lazy people, stupidity, and greed. Nobody has found a cure for any of that as yet. We can’t change anything now for the reasons you cited. We tried and I guess that has to be good enough.

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    • Sometimes I wonder if we served our time. Maybe humanity has run out of time as “Masters of the Earth.” We’ve done a piss poor job of it and if there is a god, I’m sure he, she, or they are utterly disgusted with us. Maybe we just got it totally wrong and now we are paying the price or pretending there is no price for the damage we’ve done.

      I don’t know, but I’m not seeing a lot of loopholes or a lot of our world population willing to do something to make repairs to all the many, many things that are wrong. Here AND abroad.

      You know the background of Star Trek? That they had to blow up the world first? Well, the NEW Star Trek (Discovery) takes it a step further adds all the NEW mistakes. Again. We aren’t good learners.

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      • Like sand through an hour glass — “Days Of Our Lives”.

        We, Baby Boomers, went where no man had gone before and look where we are now.

        As Mongo sagely observed, “We are pawns in game of life”.


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