FOTD – May 24 – Columbine

As we were coming home from not buying a car, I decided to take a few pictures. We are heavily in columbine right now. All pink. I didn’t even know it came in other colors. I planted a few of them 15 years ago and these days, it fills up half the garden in May. It is also the end of the blooming of the rhododendrons and in a few weeks, it will be all roses, thorns, and day lilies followed by bindweed and strangling wild grapevines. We do need some late blooming plants!

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  1. The best part of yesterday.


    • You weren’t disappointed in not getting a car. I think I was relieved. I didn’t really want another long payment, but thought we should at least check it out. We checked. The flowers WERE the best part of the day.


  2. We are matching twins for the day. Wonderful columbines 😀

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  3. I love the way these columbines are perfectly happy going about their business, needing no help from us. They return every year and are most welcome…

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