Scurrilous refers to a bad hair day, but unlike regular bad hair days, this can refer to a bad hair day for any kind of haired or furry creature including those from planet outside our planetary system.

If you hair has become scurrilous, you should run as fast as you can (or drive, scoot, or ski) to whoever can hold a scissors. Which is to say anyone with hands. a scissors . Allow them to do their best to deal with your — yuk — hair.

Klingons understand bad hair days

You need not even be a terrestrial life form. Klingons have terrible hair days on a regular basis. But they enjoy it. It improves their fierceness and makes non-Klingons worry about accidentally encountering the hair. Also, because of the hair, no one wants Klingon heads on their walls. Sport hunting for Klingons has been banned from the galaxy for thousands of years. But it’s a secret. The government will never tell you.

One horse is having an unfortunate mane day
Some days are worse than others

Remember: There are no aids for bad hairing! And anyway, Medicare would never cover it.

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10 replies

  1. I don’t recall ever using this word. For anything.
    ‘cept squirrels maybe.


  2. How is this word not related to squirrels? Not that squirrels don’t have bad hair days, but SCURRILOUS just screams squirrel!


  3. Haha! Hilarious post


  4. My daily woe….. with these strong winds my hair is all over the place but surely and certainly in my face, mouth and eyes…. 😉


  5. I have always had bad hair days. In my younger days I had naturally curly hair that went anyway if felt like it that particular day. Then, I had long hair and could put it up out of the way. Now I have short hair that I can just keep under a headband. I always envied women who had manageable hair. I suppose I could wear wigs, but good ones too expensive and, besides I don’t go anywhere anymore.


    • I just tie mine up and get it out of my way. It’s very fine and even the slightest wind makes it go everywhere and it also knots I can’t comb it without pulling out half my hair. I wear my up most of the time. With good reason.


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