CFFC: Male vs Female

This is one of those times where my failure to organize my library by subject really makes a simple job a whole lot harder. It is my own fault. There is no one else to blame, but I really wish I could find someone to blame. And then have them take this library apart and reconstruct it. Since that isn’t going to happy, I’ll have to settle for struggling to find photographs.

The block editor has made the media library even more difficult to navigate. I can’t copy one of my own pictures and edit it nor do the scaling controls seem to work. You can scale the pictures, but there’s no way to save it, temporarily or permanently. Mostly these days I get along okay with the block editor — mainly by knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Some of the collages and galleries work. Many others don’t. Compare only works if you have two pictures the same size or at least very close in size. If they are a little bit off, it will still work, sort of. If they are very different, don’t even think about it.

If WordPress is going to force us to use their editor, maybe they could make the editor more functional? Wouldn’t that be a nice touch? You know. Fix the glitches? So using it would actually be better — not supposedly better but really better — than the old version. Because this has some nice features, but many of them don’t work properly or at all.

Life twitches onward.

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  1. Great comparison for this week. Thanks Marilyn for playing along. 😀


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