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I know that you are supposed to capture your desktop by pressing the “print” key, but for reasons that may have to do with having Windows 10 Pro rather than regular old Windows 10, it doesn’t work.

As evening approaches, it’s getting dark over the river.

Since I have the original photograph, here it is. I previously had a marina scene not unlike Becky B’s, but in the last upgrade, it went away. Every time I have a windows upgrade, something disappears. Sometimes the sound or the screen shot. This time, all my small executables vanished. I had a few of them and they are gone. I will have to find them again or get something new to use instead.

I’m looking forward to squares.

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  1. Oh, Marilyn, this is gorgeous. Becky pointed me in your direction. So pleased to have you join my little challenge. I issue my Share Your Desktop post on the 15th of each month and encourage you (ok, everyone) to simply share the photo on your desktop, and not a screenshot (for privacy reasons).

    Thank you for sharing and joining in on the fun. I’ll make sure to include this in next month’s review of Desktop Delights which I normally issue on the 25th of each month.


  2. what a beautiful desktop, but on no on the continued computer woes. Hopefully by July Squares all will be well


  3. What an idyllic scene…


  4. Believe it or not, I have trouble capturing the desktop. They keep changing how things work on Windows 10 Pro. I’m not even sure how I captures that one. I know I should be able to push the key and capture the desktop, but it has never worked on this computer and I really don’t know why.



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